Fruits and diabetes By Harold Gunatillake

Fruits and diabetes By Harold Gunatillake

Fruits and diabetes


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It is noticed that most Sri Lankans having diabetes, enjoy lot of fruits and fruit salads when served at friend’s parties.

The general notion and belief that fruits are delicious- a super food having rich micro-nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, including fibre, considered good for your health and wellbeing and most people tend to over-eat No one denies that belief, but people having diabetes needs to know what  fruits are suitable, so that the blood sugar does not spike high on enjoying them.

This video gives an idea what fruits are suitable and what fruits should be restricted when you have diabetes.

Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that if you are on insulin therapy you could be more flexible, as you could increase the dose of insulin by a few units when you indulge in eating fruits with high sugar.

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