Look at Us – By Des Kelly

“LOOK AT US” – By Des Kelly

Vincent Grant Gill, known world-wide as Vince Gill, is quite certainly on the apex of my “Country” hill of entertainers, born in America on the 12th of April, 1957, quite possibly started playing his guitar at a young age, started “composing” Country love songs, in his teens, and, even with tough competition, started his recording career when he was 21 years old, by which time,  he had also become a multi-instrumentalist, working solidly with his Country Rock Band “Pure Prairie League”during the 1970’s & later, as a “solo” Artiste, much in demand, both as a vocalist, duet singer & instrumentalist, backing many other “Greats” of that particular era. Vince Gill was an American, & my brief introduction (above), only goes to show how GOOD one has to be, in order to be recognized in Nashville, the “Country-Capital” of the World.

Just like someone else, I personally know, Vince wrote this beautiful song “Look at us” as a tribute to his wife Janis, but unfortunately, this marriage broke down, leaving Vince to sing it as a duet with his new love, Amy Lee Grant.

This duet would have to be on a par with the love songs of George Jones and wife, Tammy Wynette (rest in peace, both of you) & sung with sooo much feeling, music lovers would want to listen to it repeatedly. Although his new wife Amy is also an extremely talented vocalist, the actual harmony singer on this song with Vince, released in September 1991, was Patty Loveless.

To give further credit, where credit is due, “Look at us” was co-written by Max.D.Barnes, the “Crying-pedal-steel” guitar sounds which Vince himself praised to the skies, was played by John Hughey, and finally, a “cover version” by your’s truly, was recorded in Melbourne a few years ago, but although I did it as a tribute to Vince, there was no way that I could sing it in his “key” so, because I loved the song so much, I recorded it, a full octave lower. The song is featured on my eLanka recordings, & where 3 complete sets of CD’s are now available ” Especially for you” , more sets will follow in the near future (God willing, of course).

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

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