“LOVING YOU” – By Des Kelly

“LOVING YOU” – By Des Kelly

The title is very well known. The original version of the song was written by Minnie Riperton & Richard Rudolph. Minnie wrote the lyrics as a dedication to her baby daughter but tragically died herself, at 31, a victim of the dreaded Cancer.

Elvis Presley came along & recorded a completely different “Loving You” (I could spend my whole life through, loving you, loving you,) remember?. He had a slightly longer life than Minnie, but still, died far too early, as we all know.

These recordings were done many years ago & sadly are all but forgotten. Then, comes the band that I have been writing a lot about, lately, “The Mavericks”& they have just recorded still another “Loving You” song, written, I take it, by Raul Malo.

Personally, I have been around the “‘recording business” for a very long time. Almost 70 years since the 78 rpm vinyl discs, have seen the entry of the smaller 45 rpm discs, then into the Reel-Reel Stage, the 8 track Stage”Cassette-Stage”, the smaller “Cassette” Stage, the C.D. Stage, the Mini-disc Stage, D.V.D.& Video Stage, the “You-tube” Stage, Stages everywhere, but sadly, no more “Stages” to climb up & entertain.

I have seen various methods of “presenting recordings” to the Public. There are literally hundreds of Recording Company’s who “present their “Stars” professionally, but leave it to the Public to either like or dislike the final “product”. Superstars like Elvis or Michael Jackson will sell their product with just a “still-photograph” as their introduction. Both these “Stars” have now passed on, but still have huge followings who will ensure that their heroes will never die. Not so, for lesser known mortals. They come, they go, & they are gone forever.

I am proud to present what I consider the BEST version of ” Loving You” by the Mavericks. After you watch it, my friends, you will understand what it means to be “jealous” of watching a “production” like this. A beautiful song, well done, with a background that is really “something else”!!

Please watch this, & others, that I will try my best to use for the ultimate satisfaction of all eLanka members.


Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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