“Wordsmiths”, “Poets”, “Songwriters”, “Authors”, “Entertainers” (who can “turn a song around” to make it their very own), are all a “special-breed” of humans, blessed with these “talents”, by an extremely generous God, and yes folks, I do not write these words with an iota of scepticism, in a normally sceptical person.”God lives in every one of us”

Alphabetically speaking, smack-dab, in the middle of the English Alphabet (in my opinion, still the best, most frequently used International Language in the World) the letter “M” pops out. Strange, isn’t it, my friends ?.

“M” stands for a “miscellany” of great things, not the least of it, for “Music” & “Musicians”& stranger, still, “Music” will always be used Internationally as the best anecdote for what goes on in an Internationally muddled-up Universe we see out there, right before our eyes.

Hundreds of examples come to mind, but here is one that is unforgettable, to say the least. It was right in the middle of World-War 2, dug into “trenches” on opposite sides, were German Soldiers & American Marines. Minutes earlier, they had been firing bullets at one another, then, through the darkness of “early morning”, someone started singing “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright”.

It was that particular Christmas eve, & the shooting STOPPED!. For awhile, it was an unspoken “truce”, and the cause of it?, a beautiful Christmas Carol, sung with the “music from the heart”.

Now, because I am lucky enough to be involved with eLanka, a website for all Lankan/Aussies in the big brown Land and, as a matter of fact for all our expatriot Lankans in the World, I am able to “pick” songs, bands, vocalists, groups, &, above all, the “Music” I feel sure, will be enjoyed by everyone, be they Jazz fanatics, “Country” crusaders, big bands, little bands, vocalists, instrumentalists, etc.

I am also very lucky to have befriended Neil Jayasekera, who owns this special website & also loves good music.

Together, with no financial gain, whatsoever, bring our readers something new, with with to start off each week.

Starting with the letter “M”, alphabetically, eLanka brings you the A.B.C. of the “Mavericks”, a superb show-band with music to suit everyone!. When you good people listen to the first song & sing-along with Raul Malo, please do me the favour of inserting the word “Sri Lankan”, every time Raul mentions “Amsterdam”. There is nothing wrong with Amsterdam, but I find that I prefer Sri Lanka & sing it’s name as much as possible, before China takes it over. After that, it will be “Mandarin-Moon”, I suppose, & a full Sri Lankan Moon will always shed better light than a Mandarin “Crescent-Moon”. All good, but then listen to the Mavericks with their “B” song, finishing up with their “C” number.

Thank you for taking the time to understand. More of this type of “stuff” will be served up for your enjoyment, if nothing else. Go—Mavericks.







Desmond Kelly.

Star of eLanka


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