As the song (above) says, particular eras in our lives are easily remembered as being “the good old days”.

Strangely, the years shown in this quaint, yet interesting article, exactly fit the periods of life that this writer enjoyed.

As I read thru the various “happenings”, I envisaged my own life in detail. Everything seemed to be much “slower”, relaxed, and easier to get on with, than the present, where everyone seems to be in a rush to get things done, yesterday!!. 

          I am happy to present these reminisces to the readers of eLanka, many of whom will enjoy looking back on their own lives in the past, and especially during the days when “Memories were made of this”.

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.

Reminiscing good old days

Best Era Ever…!! 💃🏻

Born in   ..30’s .40’s 🍼
Grew up in…50’s 🏏
Teened in   … 60’s 💞
Learned in    … 70’s 🥇
Worked in        …80’s  ⚒
Matured in        ….90’s ✅
Gold in           …2000’s 🌄
Made it to      …2020 🥁

We lived in
…….9 Different Decades.
…….2 Different Centuries.
…….2 Different Millennia.

We have traveled from
Biscope  to YouTube.
Gramophone to iPod.
Postman to Email.
Landlines to Smart Phones.
Over the fence to WA.
Fistfights to FB pokes.
Lunch Lines to Uber Eats.
Commuting to working from Home.
Bookshops to Amazon.
Hotel rooms to AirBnB.
Tellers to e-Banking.
And many more…..

Typically, we can be termed as *”SuperXennials”* …. a “cross-over generation” of people having an ANALOG Weaning and a DIGITAL Future.

Literally…our generation has lived through life & witnessed every possible dimension…

Yes, we also
walked in Paddy Fields,
Climbed Trees,
Jumped Fences,
Threw Stones into Canals,
Drank water off the tap,
Played Marbles,
Chewed Mango,
Flew Kites,
Picnicked on Bikes,
No Tuition Classes,
Cricket on the Street.
Enjoyed the Sunset,
Friends Moms gave us Lunch if were out of home… 🥪🍌🍫🍪

Our Children rarely enjoy these, today. 😭

We are Really the  Lucky Ones. 🤸🏻‍♀

This is our generation which has  given a new paradigm to the word “CHANGE”.

Lets Thank Life for Everything we have had… 🙏

Surely… We’ll beat out the 2020’s and cross over to the 30’s… Holding each other’s hands … In Fun, Frolic & Fanfare as we’ve always done before.

To those who have departed, we say Thanks for being with us then, & RIP… till we meet again.

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