Microwaving food By Dr Harold Gunatillake

Microwaving food – By Dr Harold Gunatillake

Microwaves Drastically


Do Microwaves destroy the nutrients of food?

Dr Harold GunatillakePlease click on the link and open the article written by Naturopath Ed. Bauman, PhD. under the caption, “Studies Show Microwaves Drastically Reduce Nutrients in Food” 

Above linked article has been circulated by one de Sayrah, a non-Medico,

Every home, every institution, every function centre, has invested in a microwave oven to cook and warm up food and veggies. It is not a devil, but a very useful convenient staple of equipment treasured in every kitchen and pantry, any house wife or chef will convey you.

This article (link) sends shock-waves, and most of the readers will get worried, and may feel guilty to use this most useful invention to mankind.

The facts are that heating meals through radiation does not destroy all the nutrients. Any form of cooking will destroy nutrients in some way, as all nutrients in foods are heat sensitive, and more water-soluble vitamins like folic acid, vitamin B and C.

Microwave ovens use less heat than most conventional methods, and there is less destruction of nutrients.

Further, the degree of destruction of macro and micro nutrients is determined by the extent the food is cooked, how much liquid is used and the cooking temperature. Microwaving food takes far too short a time and such destruction are least compared to other methods of cooking.

A good example is cooking of spinach. In studies at Cornell University, scientists looked at the effects of cooking on water-soluble vitamins in veggies and found spinach retained nearly all its folate when cooked in a microwave but lost about 77 percent when cooked on a stove (ref: Anahad O’Connor-NYT).

Studies have revealed that when veggies are cooked in a microwave without adding water, the nutrients and antioxidants are retained much more than cooked immersed in water.

Microwave ovens cook food by using waves of energy that are like radio waves but very much shorter. These waves vibrate the intra-cellular contents of every food item and quickly builds up energy in the form of thermal heat to cook the food item.

Bottom line: Microwaving to cook or warm up food does retain nutrients much more than other methods of cooking, and so convenient and safe, too.

So, do not have any doubts in cooking or warming up food in your treasured microwave oven you have purchased. Use it with no fears and phobias.

“Cooking is one of the strongest ceremonies for life. When recipes are put together, the kitchen is a chemical laboratory involving air, fire, water and the earth. This is what gives value to humans and elevates their spiritual qualities. If you take a frozen box and stick it in the microwave, you become connected to the factory”. Laura Esquivel

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