“NEW BALL-GAME” – By Des Kelly

“NEW BALL-GAME” – By Des Kelly

   The football is over, done & dusted. West Australians are still celebrating their Grand Final Win, win over a hapless Collingwood A.F.L.team. As in nature, Eagles are certainly more powerful than Magpies, but it really does not matter. This”Grand-Final” was every bit of a thrilling game, from start to finish. The Maggie’s did make their opposition Eagles look very much like little Eaglets who had left their nests in Western Australia to come over to Melbourne (the big smoke), when, during the first quarter, they, those black & white tough little sods who tend to “dive-bomb” certain passers-by, without fear or favour, if they were foolish enough to walk close to, or under trees which housed their chicks, seemed to give the Eagles a football lesson.

The rest is history, as they say. This  “footy-final” was one of the best matches I had ever seen, in 56 years. This, is also the reason I have always said, is, and will be, in the future, the absolute BEST spectator sport that anyone (who understands the rules), in the entire World.

I have also said, and written many times, that some sort of “head-gear” MUST be worn by every guy & girl in this sport, if they are to avoid serious repercussions, and even death, unnecessarily. Why the footy hierarchy do not bring this rule in, I really do not know, but, there you go, folks, I’ve said it again. 

     Now, that the footy is over, for the next few months, Cricket takes over, in Australia. Once more, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Everyone knows that SPORT is this Country’s major religion. Everyone also NOW knows that the “attitude” here is to “WIN”, at any cost, in ANY sport Aussies partake of. This sad fact has been made public, on television quite recently, although it has been going on, for years, now. Certain cricket coaches have been known to tell their players, “We are not here to play cricket, we are here to win the game”. Australians ARE Champions in many sports, yet they do not seem to understand that opposing teams and players are on the arena, also hoping to WIN. No-one goes into a game hoping to LOSE. Cricket balls have been “bowled” underarm, at the BODIES of opposing batsmen, they have been scraped and scratched with sandpaper & even SUGAR in the pockets of bowlers(for crying out loud), 

tennis racquets have been smashed, and the softer tennis balls thrown both at referees & ball-boys & girls, golf balls have been hit into the Ocean by Kramer, directly into the “blow-holes” of whales, to be retrieved by George Costanza, Marine Biologist in the Seinfeld Series, so this, in a matter of speaking, is “ALL-BALLS” to me.

     A “NEW BALL-GAME” is sorely required, if Australia wishes to WIN back the title of ‘SPORTS CHAMPIONS”. 

Cheating, sledging & temper-tantrums should be banned &  Umpires, Referees, etcetera, should all be issued with the “red-cards” (as in Soccer), to oust ANY player breaking the rules, completely, from the game. On top of this, the erring player should lose his/her entire payment for the game.

As in EVERYTHING, strict discipline is the only way to go.

Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka




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