Not too long ago, most Sinhalese Musicians & Bands would “do their thing” sitting and standing around as though the World was coming to an end, in the next few minutes of their “gig”.

I would watch them in disbelief. Not a smile on the faces of these Sri Lankans, who are generally known to have a perpetual smile, nod their heads a lot, and act in a totally relaxed manner, common to Asian Islanders. It was not that these musicians had no talent. They simply did not know how to project this talent onto a television screen.


Another fault was the fact that most of their “vocalists” did not know the lyrics of the songs they were about to perform. They either had a piece of paper in their hands, did not even try to conceal the fact that they had to keep referring to the lyrics written on this bit of paper, and spoilt what should have been a professional performance.


     I am now talking about the recent past. Sitting and watching what I would term “dead people playing” I would immediately think about American groups like the “Mavericks”. This band, in my opinion is the epitome of what bands should be. One of my musical clips for this article on eLanka will give our readers an idea about how a showbiz band SHOULD look & sound.


The “Marvellous Marians” however is, a Sri Lankan band, again, in my own opinion, akin to a carbon copy of the Mavericks. They are superb, in every respect, even including Sanda Walawan Clarence-Unplugged (in tribute to one of their  most famous Composers, Clarence Wijewardena), playing & singing, as far as I am concerned, in great style.


This writer was indeed privileged to know Clarence, and, with his permission, wrote the English lyrics to “My Lovely Island Home, to HIS tune of the beautiful “Dilhani” song, which is available, together with dozens of other songs I’ve recorded, from the top website for all Lankan/Aussies, plus all other Lankan Patriots & ohers, all over the World.


     Please sit back, folks, as you read this and enjoy the music of the “Mavericks”, “Marians”, & “Myself” (singing in Sinhalese). Hope you enjoy every minute of it.


Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka

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Max Gerreyn
Max Gerreyn

very very listenable – despite a not easily recognisable Sinhala accent – Lovely words and tuine. Jayawewa…Apey kelly yahaluwa!