From owning just a dress to studying for a university degree in Psychology

From owning just a dress to studying for a university degree in Psychology

It’s always nice to hear a good news story from the Motherland, so here’s something that gladdened our hearts.

No doubt you’ve heard of SOS Children’s Villages who run the most wonderful and loving homes for children throughout Sri Lanka. Whilst you may think they are 100% supported by an international NGO, that’s not the case. They’re currently funded partly by people like you and I.

Back in 2001, a young girl, Anjalika, arrived on their doorstep. Alone and frightened by her new surroundings she took some time to settle in. After all, going from being without a close family to being planted in the middle of a large one was a whole new experience for her.

But, she had such a strength of will she was determined to do something with her life.
Tears of pride.

Under the care of a loving mother and surrounded by a host of siblings, she flourished. “O” levels sailed by; “A” levels took a lot of work and her strength but she received top grades and many smiles of pride from her entire SOS family.

A coveted place at a Government University beckoned and was accepted.

Today, 3 years on, she’s ready to take her final exams after studying for a BSc in Psychology.

The pride of her SOS Mother is palpable; the smiles of awe of her younger siblings are humbling to see.

We think it’s amazing what SOS Children’s Villages are doing back in Sri Lanka, but it proves beyond doubt that the human spirit is alive thanks to those people (people like you and I) who supported them and enabled one child to achieve the greatest height.

If you’d like to support SOS Children’s Village in Sri Lanka and help other kids achieve what Anjalika did, then give them a quick call on [+94 11 270 2712) or click here to be taken to their website.

How many other children can achieve their life’s dream?
A lot more with our collective help.

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