Ride For Ceylon Brand Ambassador breaks multiple World Records-by M.H. YAKEEM

Ride For Ceylon Brand Ambassador breaks multiple World Records-by M.H. YAKEEM

Jen Orr celebrates


Jen Orr, Ride for Ceylon’s brand ambassador and champion American endurance cyclist, has concluded a 24-hour solo female distance ride.

The event took place on November 7-8 in Borrego Springs, California, on a 10-mile (on-road) circuit observed by WUCA for certification verification.

Navigating adverse weather conditions, Jen’s tenacity saw her set new world record times for 6 hours, 200 km, 300 km, 200 miles, 300 miles & 500 km endurance cycling.

Weather conditions put a strain on Orr’s efforts with an unexpected wind and rainstorm lowering temperatures and delivering winds ranging from 20 to 50 mph. Despite the conditions, Orr set several endurance cycling records (pending WUCA certification):

NEW RECORD:​ Most miles cycled in 6 hours by a female – 113.11 MILES

NEW RECORD:​ Fastest 200 KM cycled by a female – 06.35.58 (6 hrs, 35 mins, 58 secs)

NEW RECORD:​ Fastest 300 KM cycled by a female, – 10.26.36 (10 hrs, 26 mins, 36 secs) NEW RECORD:​ Fastest 200 MILES cycled by a female – 11.15.06 (​11 hrs 15 mins 05 secs​) NEW RECORD:​ Fastest 300 MILES cycled by a female – 16.55.47 (​16 hrs 55 mins 47 secs​)

ESTABLISHED RECORD:​ Fastest 500 km cycled by a female – 17.33.18 (17 hrs 33 mins 18 secs).

After the race, Orr was elated with her performance and humbled by the distance and weather factors. Orr said, “Unfortunately, the weather conditions impacted my physical efforts but did not affect my mental focus or drive to give it my all for 24 hours. The weather factor was out of my control, but otherwise, my crew and I performed our tasks exactly according to plan and are ecstatic about the results.”

The greatest all-time female ultra-endurance cyclist Seana Hogan said, “Watching Jen grow as a strong ultra-cyclist should inspire everyone. Her tenacity and perseverance are truly amazing. I know she has more to come!”

Asked if she will make another attempt at the 24-hour record, Orr replied “There are already plans in the making to return to Borrego Springs in early 2021 to establish the solo distance records for 500 miles and 1000 km, and hope to break the 24-hour record at that time as well.” Jen is also hoping to visit Sri Lanka and participate in future Ride for Ceylon charity rides.

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