Seeking to Contact – Amahl Siriwardena

Seeking to Contact – Amahl Siriwardena

Looking to contact Amahl Siriwardena, son of well-known Regi Siri

the arts and political commentator in Cbo in the 70s to the 90s?     He was a few years our junior.

If you know, and if you know his contacts,  do please let me know.  Thank you so much.  I asked

Regi’s artistic mate in Ena de Silva’s batiks,  Laki Senanayake, but he has no clue.  Laki is now

running that unique small boutique hotel in Dambulle called Diya Bubula.  Gives me the impression therefore that Amahl

Must be away from SL.  Any clues?  There still should be surviving friends of Regi Siri around. 

Thanks and bye !____________________Prasanna.


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