Sri Lankan Recipes by Curry Mad – Eggplant pickle

Sri Lankan Recipes by Curry Mad – Eggplant pickle



2 Banana Chillies

1 Capsicum

1 Sprig Curry Leaves

2 Eggplants

2 Tblsp Mustard paste Oil to fry

2 Onions – quartered Salt to taste


Wash and cut the Eggplant, Banana Chillies and Capsicum into strips and deep fry until almost crisp. Sprinkle Salt on the Eggplant.
Pass the cut Banana Chillies, Capsicum and Oil through the hot Oil.

Drain all fried ingredients thoroughly and mix these with Mustard Paste. Store and use as required.

If you don’t want to prepare the Mustard paste yourself, the commercially prepared Mustard paste can be bought from various Supermarkets.

**Prepared Mustard Paste


50g Black Mustard seeds
1Tsp Chilli powder
3cloves Garlic
1* 1/2″ piece Ginger – fresh
Salt to taste
2 cups Vinegar


Soak the Mustard in Vinegar for 30 minutes. Blend all ingredients in a Food Blender. Bottle, store and use as required.


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