A special appeal to assist the less advantaged

A special appeal to assist the less advantaged

A plaque inside the Dutch Burger Union

Whilst the whole world is battling price hikes and shortages, the situation in Sri Lanka is particularly dire, with the struggle for survival amongst the poorest of the poor fast approaching a matter of life and death.

Apart from the fuel and LP gas shortages, basic day to day commodities have skyrocketed in the past few months, and many folks are now on one solitary modest meal a day. Even this is becoming a challenge for the poorest folks.

For many decades now, the DBU has been assisting and facilitating aid to the disadvantaged folk, courtesy of the generosity of our members, well-wishers, overseas associations, and from the excess funds generated by the DBU itself.    

Raising funds though the traditional ‘DBU President’s Annual Appeal’ at Christmas time has been one such mechanism. However, given the seriousness of the current situation, I am compelled to make this mid-year appeal to your generosity, as well.

The DBU currently supports, and or facilitates support to almost 800 folks, with half being in the form of pensions to elderly folks, and the other half to school-going children.

Thanks to all you generous people, we were able to marshal a great deal of support to these beneficiaries during the worst of the lockdown period due to COVID-19. And we must once again galvanize ourselves to make a difference at this critical time.

Despite your own challenges and struggles, whatever you can muster will go a long way to aiding those who are battling for survival right now. All donations will be utilized in full to supplement the existing sponsorships of these 800 folks.

Kindly send in your donations as early as possible, preferably before 31st July 2022, so that disbursement can be organised and carried out without too much delay.

Thank you again for your contribution to this endeavour.


David Colin-Thomé


  1. In cash or cheque (cash or crossed) at the DBU office during office hours (and after office hours at the DBU Bar & VOC Cafe till closing time at 11pm).
  2. Crossed cheque by mail addressed to

The Dutch Burgher Union, No.114, Reid Avenue, Colombo 4.

  1. INTERNET BANKING –    The Dutch Burgher Union

                                                  A/c No.718486

                                                  Bank of Ceylon, Bambalapitiya Branch

                                                Swift Code – BCEYLKLX

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