Apology to Motherland

Apology to Motherland – Photos thanks to Roy Grafix

It is well known that, when we gained nominal independence from Britain, our export income on local products exceeded a billion pounds.

The imitators of the white rulers who obtained administration of Sri Lanka from the white colonialists managed to spend all the treasury reserves and since then to mortgage the Nation by holding each person in the country to a credit bond over Rs. 500.000. Our own people ruled us alternatively and accelerated the demise into a precipice, since the adaptation of 1978 Constitution and the Executive Presidency.

Some significant facts we inherited from the rule of deceitful politicians either white dressed or dark suit dressed:

  • Importing rice for local consumption by discouraging local farming communities although we exported rice overseas in the ancient times.
  • Importing salt from India while we are surrounded by salt in abundance and having a profitable Salt Corporation.
  • Importing low quality fuel for train and transport services to gain unlawful enrichment by commissions.
  • Lack of decency or humility to resign from parliament amidst allegations of corruptions.
  • Importing fish from overseas, while there is plenty of seafood in Sri Lanka and supplying them into the market in the guise of local products.
  • When the children are dying in the country from malnutrition, importing bullet-proof luxury cars, worth over Rs 450 million.
  • Inability to express condolences in public by any responsible person to those benevolent foreign donors who donated hospital wards in Sri Lanka and were victims of Easter bombing.
  • Judges decline to sit on bench to decide on alleged corruption cases due to unforeseen factors.
  • Inability of the higher police authority to reprimand traffic police officers who use indecent language and attack drivers in the street (whom in video).
  • Inability of the 225+1 Members of Parliament in Sri Lanka to stand against the American influence into Sri Lankan domestic politics, having seen the plight of Iraq, Syria, Libya etc in the recent past.
  • Although we work and live in different parts of the world, all of us have been born in Sri Lanka. You would have been born in a public hospital or you would have definitely been a product of free education of mother Sri Lanka

As every aspects of governance in the country are brutally politically driven, there is no development, production or any management. Hence the country is over-ridden with political, corruption, fraud and disrespect for law and order.

Our motherland grieves in the hands of these ruthless politicians. Do you hear this?

Doesn’t your blood boil when you hear this?

You should arise to save our country for the next generations. Please awake for our country’s sake. Keep alert.

Perspective Presidential Candidate, Mr Nagananda Kodithuwakku addressed a group of over 200 interested participants via Video Conference at Pennant Hills, Sydney on the 30/06/2019. The discussion held was timely and constructive.

In this regard we wish to draw your attention to a special factor. Mr Nagananda has filed number of cases involving alleged corruption since 2009. Further these cases are presented to courts on behalf of the public and no one has contributed a cent for this purpose and he does not expect it either.

The program presented by Mr Nagananda Kodithuwakku seems to satisfy at least 95% of the current requirement of the country. Please read the content and comprehend the issues.

Let us join together for the advancement of our motherland, dispelling all differences, irrespective of political party or colour as we all have the same objective. We need to remind our relatives and all concerned to support Mr Nagananda Kodithuwakku in his endeavors.

Please don’t let this chance escape us. Otherwise we will be in the midst of nations that has lost their identity forever.

** Reported by Ananda Gallage, translated by Dr Don Wickrama, Sydney, Australia 07/07/2019 **


Apology to Motherland Apology to Motherland
Apology to Motherland
Apology to Motherland
Apology to Motherland








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