Deepavali Celebration has gone Global !!! – By Vasu Vasudevan


Deepavali Celebration has gone Global !!! – By Vasu Vasudevan

Deepavali Celebration

Deepavali (or Diwali) is one of the most popular festivals celebrated mostly by Hindus.

Deepavali falls in Autumn on the new moon day in the Tamil month of Aippasi. This is a very colourful festival for the millions of people of Indian origin living all over the world as it unites people of different regions and ethnicity to pass the message of peace.

There are many legends underlying the reason for the celebration and they all have one powerful message which is the destruction of Evil by Good. One such legend recounts the tale of Naragasuran, the demon who was killed by Lord Krishna. When Naragasuran was dying, he prayed to Lord that people need to celebrate the day to signify the triumph of Good over Evil. In every house, Deepavali or the festival of lights as it is popularly known, is anticipated very much and is celebrated in an elaborate manner by lighting rows of beautifully coloured deepams, bursting of fire crackers, wearing new clothes and sharing meal with family and friends.

In the last few years, Deepavali festival has gone Global, thanks to the expatriate communities who want to pass the message of love and happiness to everyone. Last year Deepavali was celebrated with much fanfare in Canberra Great Hall of the Parliament house where the Honourable Prime Minister and many of his cabinet colleagues participated in this function and enjoyed the Indian hospitality.

Deepavali was also celebrated last year in the White House, British Parliament and many other public venues around the world to pass the message of joy and love. Diwali has become a social celebration rather than a religious function as it reinforces the belief that Good will prevail over Evil or Bad. This year Deepavali falls on Sunday 28 October.

On Friday 25 October, Deepavali Fair (or Mela) will be held at King George Square with food stalls and fire crackers.

On this auspicious day let us greet each other “Happy Deepavali”.

Vasu Vasudevan

Vasu Vasudevan

Canberra Federal Parliament lit up for Deepavali (Nov 18) – Photo courtesy Hindu Council of Australia. (http://

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