Fantastic Predictions: WORLD CUP FORECASTS from Lankan Cricketing Fanatics-by Michael Roberts

Fantastic Predictions: WORLD CUP FORECASTS from Lankan Cricketing Fanatics-by Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

A FORECAST by Errol FERNANDO, …. A Piano Player from the Heavens, 19 November 2023



After a long tournament, we reach the final that we all predicted many weeks ago, Lorenz   –   India vs Australia   –   with the obvious prediction that India will win. Millions will back India,of course.

Let me take a different path by predicting a win for the Aussies, especially if they bat first. Head, Marsh and Maxwell are dangerous players who can take the game away from India.

However, India’s main enemy is simply PRESSURE!  They are under enormous, superhuman pressure, playing at home with the whole nation’s expectations. This will certainly weigh them down.

The Aussies, on the other hand, are the UNDERDOGS with no pressure and no expectations. They have no burdens whatsoever. All they need to do is to relax, enjoy themselves and have a go. This will lead to a win, for sure.

India have no hope of a win because their BURDEN is far too great.

I could not possibly be wrong about this, Lorenz, and you could either congratulate me right away or else wait till Monday morning.

All the best, Errol

RESPONSE From Lorenz PEREIRA in Melbourne, November 2023

My dear Errol,

What a brilliant theoretical analysis of the outcome of the Final. Surely of Einstein proportion and worthy of a Nobel Nomination

However, I am deeply distressed and disillusioned by your Prediction.  I want an Australian Win…… [and] history records that your Predictions have been 100 % Wrong, which means that it will turn out to be an Indian Win.

Can you be Right for once?

You have based your rationale and analysis on the enormous Stress Factor that India will be faced with.  But in the above, you have erroneously omitted that India will be playing with 12 Team Members. The vital 12th Member being irreplaceable, being their Super Coach, Rahul Dravid. 

Please see the article on him that I am sending you by email. That negative “burden” you have alluded to as being India’s Achilles heel has been already neutralised by Dravid  during the course of this Tournament. So, it will not assist Australia.

Not sure which Team will have an advantage from that. Much of both India’s and Australia’s bowling success to date had been based on Speed, although Zampa is a leading wicket taker, but demolished by the South Africans. 

Indeed, an intriguing context to behold.

A final plea dear Errol. I sincerely hope that for once your Prediction is Correct.

Love and Blessings ……………………….. Lollo

Ranjit Sirimanne in Sydney(?)

HA! HA! WELL SAID SIR!!! I think ALL of Australia are HOPING that Errol hasn’t “put the Mocker ” on the Australian Team!! In my “wildest” dreams I’m Hoping that Aust: will win the Toss & Bat First & as Errol says That will be “making Sure ” of an Aussie Win!!

I wish all of you a great Evening of Cricket Tonight!! With a DRINK in hand of course!!!

Richard Hermon in Melbourne

Dearest Errol, You continually disregard my considered advice not to give up your day job to become a soothsayer predicting Cricket results. I agree with Lorenz that your track record to date is dismal!!  However, I disagree with Lo that you have been 100% Incorrect — as I think you finally got one right if my memory serves me correctly.

I advised you to pick Against the side you wanted to win and you might get the result that you desired!! Mate My prediction is if India turn up on the day they are unbeatable if Australi turn uo on the day and India doesn’t if both turn up you will have a crackerjack of a Cricket match!t they are unbeatable and ……………………… but if nobody turns up, I will go to bed !!

Now that is called hedging your bets. I simply cannot be wrong! …. Dickie

Lalin Fernando in Colombo

I think everyone in SL wants Australia to win. I hope that Australia will win I normally curse silently when the enemy performs. It has worked.

AS for you guys pray like hell. ……………….Best wishes

Branu Rahim in ???, …

Enjoy a pre-final joke!

 Response to Branu

Branu: in cricket that stroke is called a “GLIDE”! It is not a poke! ….. You are dwelling in the wrong field!

However, you can soothe your ruffled feelings by listening to ERROL at the organ

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