Forgiveness-Kindness in Action! – BY Oscar E V Fernando


Forgiveness-Kindness in Action! – BY Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

To forgive is to stop being angry with someone who has done something wrong-says the dictionary.

Does forgiveness imply forgetting-as in forgive and forget?

Confusing views are given by experts on the subject of forgiveness, to the extent that some have concluded that it is useless to forgive, as an injustice done can never be forgotten.

This writer proffers an opinion with the proviso that an opinion is only a view held as probable.

 It has to be taken for granted that an injustice done to one cannot be deleted or erased from the mind; the photo lens of the mind has got it imprinted, and may come to focus any and every time that one wants-or even otherwise; it is unforgettable and cannot be thwarted.

 Forgiveness is an act of free will and is at one’s bidding and can be used to replace the pain of the injustice at the very point of the act, or at any time the pain comes to mind-even to the point of bestowing a blessing on the wrongdoer-when our base desire is to revolt and avenge the wrong done-to play ball with the opponent as a President of the US said!

 This writer’s views, collated with expert researchers on the subject of forgiveness are given below for the attention of the reader;

 -by forgiving a person who has deeply hurt you-you let go resentment and the urge to seek revenge-thus giving him viral gifts of-kindness, generosity and love-even though he does not deserve it: this frees you to live a better and contended life.

-instant retaliation results in more suffering than what already happened

-that instant surrender on the basis of positive kindness is a better way than immediate retaliation-thus experiencing a ‘heart conversion’ for later attention: this can be repeated every time this injustice pops into your mind.

-that the ‘later attention’ is to postpone seeking justice with righteous indignation on a more rational demeanor-instead of immediate spite.

-to have the maturity to understand the wrong doer’s inner being in that he may be a victim of victims-perhaps it is his parental influence or societal pressure that inculcated wrong thoughts in his mind.

-to have in mind that the sufferer of such pain by this attitude takes upon himself the pain instead of passing it on to the wrongdoer.

 Forgiveness may seem a paradox to the Naked Sight but not so to one’s Insight; the one who forgives gets the healing of soul and body.

 None so blind as those that refuse to see!

 At least with this catastrophic viral attack, let us hope that the rat race of greed for power and wealth will stop on its tracks and pause to destroy hatred with forgiveness, kindness and love-instead of stockpiling weapons to destroy a seeming enemy.

 As night follows day, those on the race chasing the big and ignoring the small will sneer and say-what infantile prattle is this-let us continue grappling indices of productivity, inflation and the likes of it: all of these are truly needed for the lifestyle we now lead!

 How about a change of lifestyle in this forced down pause consequent to the present catastrophe and think of the small and the beautiful-replacing retaliation and spite?

 Has not one catastrophe followed the other in quick tempo to open our eyes-what with raging forest fires-flooding of rivers-sudden temperature changes due to ocean heating-tsunamis-earthquakes-volcanos etcetera: are we still waiting for more and-will we at this rate of destruction?

 To emphasize the great virtue of forgiveness, an article of this writer with a poem, dated 2003 and published in the Island Paper of 1st August 2005 under the caption ‘War on Terror’ is appended and maybe googled;


Cheek to Cheek

Pa said the son-they talk and talk of peace, just what is this peace?

This illusive peace to war-is like chalk is to cheese.

Conflict resolutions they say-but are we all not lost in it?

How come said the son-when all human beings yearn for this?

Yes, said Pa-but we have separate minds and separate wills-

Unlike robots we can create and do what we will.

Then what should we do to have the peace, we all seek?

Use your will to do what is right; good conscience, do keep.

Will not shooting and killing be the easier way out said the son.

Where did you learn this asked the surprised father from the son?

This is what we see on television day in and day out.

The bullet and the gun are the only way those in power can shout.

My advice to turn the other cheek-did you follow asked the curious father.

John slapped me and with no show of temper, I turned the other cheek: he rather-

Was surprised and his fury vanished before mine own eyes.

That would be the best way said the father, unable to control tears from his eyes.

They told me father; without greed and craze for power-the world will be still.

Yes, that is what rulers of old taught to retain their power and do their will.

What should we do now, if that is what comes down to us from them?

Why let those blind keep us blind-open your eyes, scales will fall off then.

But some say it is cowardly meekness that the world will not condone.

You did try-and found what boldness and courage are needed for this alone.

The highest power on earth should try this-even now, with good design.

Though with short victory; vicious cycle’s bound follow Tragedy Eleven Nine.

(Dated 2003)

Oscar E V Fernando.

Hatred does not cease with Hatred-Lord Buddha

Turn the other cheek-Christ Jesus




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