A Heritage of Song – Book 2



Book 1 featured over a hundred personalities who have, more or less made a name for themselves in what must surely be one of the most difficult “games”
in the World. Most of us, in Ceylon (at the time), only treated “Showbiz” as a part-time occupation. I remember it well. Even some of the “big-bands” & top-musicians used to “hit the stage” on a part-time basis.
Everyone had to have a full-time job, showbiz being the “cream on the cake, if you like.

     Ishan Bahar, the compiler of “AHOS” (1) was an extremely talented & well-known showbiz personality who decided on the crazy idea of documenting the “stories” of this particular genre of “Western-style” Artistes, which he did, & very well, with the assistance of ” the man with the horn”, Dallas Achilles, Television Personality & “Englebert-style Entertainer” Derrick J,  & , making up the third “D” was ” your’s truly”, Desmond Kelly. We simply “helped” Ishan to accomplish something that was extremely difficult to do, but happily ended up a “roaring success”

     Everyone who was anyone, both in Lanka, Australia, Canada & wherever else our “Patriots” ended up, wanted, & got their copies of this book. Then, what does Ishan do? , “A sucker for punishment” as I’ve already called him (and, for good reason), he decides to compile “AHOS” (2). the stories of over another hundred personalities who have done their Country proud in “Showbiz”. After “launches” in “Lanka” & also “Motor-boats” in “Melbourne”(very recently), “AHOS” (2) has also been “snapped-up” by those who wish to have a very “collectible set” of Lankan Music History adorning their bookshelves at home.

     Our “flyer” in eLanka features the details of “AHOS”(2). Please note, my readers. Only a very LIMITED -supply of this book is now available thru Dallas Achilles (contacts on flyer). Don’t be disappointed. First come, first served.

                                                                Desmond Kelly
                                                                Star of eLanka.



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