Mother’s Day Gift – Save A Life

 Mother’s Day Gift – Save A Life

Mother's Day Gift - Save A Life

Mother’s Day is coming up and some of you are wondering what is the perfect gift to give your mum. A bouquet of flowers, a smart watch or something else. Why not consider making a donation to save a life of a new born baby and bring a smile to another mother the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

In Sri Lanka, Castle Street hospital and other neonatal wards are running out of Nitric Oxide gas and a special request has been made by the Senior Neonatologist. The gas is critical to save a life of a sick babies suffering from hypoxemic respiratory failure in newly born infants. Lack of the gas may result in death. However it is very expensive and each 10L gas cylinder costs LKR 506,000. The hospital requires 2 – 3 cylinders each month.

The country requirement is 90 – 95 cylinders.

The SaveADream Team is focused on meeting this need. So pls make a donation as your Mother’s Day gift and bring a smile to two mothers.

If you wish to donate pls visit

It will take you to the Rotary Australia donation page. Rotary Australia is our partner to ensure financial probity and integrity.

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