Old Antonian Social Club (Australia) Inc. 40th Annual General Meeting

Old Antonian Social Club (Australia) Inc. 40th Annual General Meeting

Old Antonian Social Club (Australia) Inc. 40th Annual General Meeting

Venue: Walawwa 477 Princes Hwy, Noble Park VIC 3174

Time: Sunday 6th December 2020 at 11.00am.

Meeting Minutes


  • Naomal & Dimple De Alwis
  • Afzal & Manel Laphir
  • Nadeesha & Hasini Ratnayake
  • Senaka & Nilanthi Amarasinghe
  • Mohan & Estella Gomes
  • Martin Pereira
  • Basil Hyde
  • Meril Guneratne
  • Dumudu Rambukwella
  • Robin Koelmeyer
  • Bernard Vanculenbourge
  • Errol Vanculenbourge
  • Norman Thompson
  • Peter Cortelling
  • Jayantha and Ayoma Peries
  • Adrien Dunuwille
  • Tony Scharder and Nicola Mant
  • Darnley Mant
  • Mahinda Jeromimus
  • Errol Van Cuylenberg


Chris Drieberg, Marlon Von Hagt, Gordan Cooray, Michael Macky, Leyrisse VanderWert, Sapathie Wijayaratne, Ashok Ariyaratnam.

AGM Commenced at 11.45am

  • The meeting was opened with a silent prayer
  • President made the speech thanking everyone for the support given to the association to run another great year despite of all the unexpected situations had to face due to COVID-19.
  • Reading of apologies who were unable to attend the AGM.
  • The 39th AGM meeting minutes were read by the president, proposed by Afzal Laphir and Seconded by Robin Koelmeyer.
  • The FY20 Accounts update was presented by Naomal Proposed ?? and seconded by Jayantha Peris

Election of Office Bearers for 2021

Position Proposed Proposed By Seconded By
President Senaka Amarasinghe Neomal De Alwis Meril Guneratne
Vice President Naomal De Alwis Senaka Amarasinghe Marin Pereira
Secretory Nadeesha Ratnayake Mohan Gomaz Afzal Laphir
Treasurer Dumudu Rambukwella Naomal De Alwis Afzal Laphir
Assistant Treasurer Marin Pereira Afzal Laphir Naomal De Alwis
Assistant Secretory Mohan Gomaz Marin Pereira Dumudu Rambukwella

Committee Members

Unanimously nominated 8 committee members.

  • Meril Guneratne
  • Jayantha Peris
  • Afzal Laphir
  • Ashoka De Silva
  • Robin Koelmeyer
  • Buwanaka Wijesundara
  • Adrian Dunuvila
  • Mohan Gomez

Additionally, proposed committee members,

  • Sepathi Wijeratne
  • Chanaka Waidyratna
  • Brian Rumesh
  • Lester Herathge
  • Ajanth Ellepola
  • Denver Perera
  • Yohan Wanigasekara
  • Keith Mahamud
  • Indika Kaluarachchi
  • Ashok Ariyaratnam
  • Marlon Vonheart
  • Chris Drebourge
  • Jinendra Bandara
  • Kosala Rupassara
  • Spenser Mudannayaka
  • Ajanth Ellepola

Inter-State Representatives

  • Ravi Walishinghe – QLD
  • Romesh Kandappa – NSW
  • Ananda Abeyratne – ACT
  • Sujith Dunuwila – TAS
  • Leroy Fonseka – SA
  • Lalindra Dunuvila – WA
  • Viky De Silva – NT
  • Asanka Ratneweera – NZ
  • Ranjith Peris – Sri Lanka

  • The new committee started the duties @ 12.25pm
  • Senaka made his inaugural speech and brought up the importance of using new technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to have meetings with Interstate members, overseas members and even with young Antonians.

Account Related Matters

  • FY20 accounts are not audited by Tony Strarder due to personal health reasons. Therefore club require to seek external services to audit the FY 20 and future activities.
  • Suggested to contact Indika Kaluarachchi seeking accounts auditing services for FY 21 an onwards.
  • Organize to handover the accounts duties from Ashok to Dumudu including MYOB and online banking access.

Constitution related Matters

  • Basil Hyde proposed to grant authority to the new Constitution Change Committee to make change to the constitution and report back to the Members via the Committee. Naomal De Alwis Seconded the proposal.  The Committee will comprise of Naomal, Senaka, Basil, Jayantha, Afzal, Mohan and Martin.

Other Businesses

  • All Saints Quadrangle matches
  • Initial discussions had been held with the organizers via a Zoom meeting.
  • Another meeting will be held on the 17th of December 2020 to finalize the venue and the date.
  • More information will be shared once the details are finalised.
  • It was also mention that the strict / new regulations required to follow during the public events.

  • Christmas Carols
    • To be organised by Martin Pereira

  • The Dinner Dance
    • The Princess Grand has booked for 4th September 2021 – coordinated by Naomal.

  • College Day
    • Has been booked for 13th June 2021
    • Location has been fanalsed – coordinated by Naomal.

  • Naomal also proposed to provide the opportunity of paid little jobs for younger anothonians as extra pocket money.
  • Afzal suggested to work closely with the OBA parent body in Sri Lanka, to provide support for projects for better productivity and effective contributions.
  • Nadeesha thanks for everyone who supported the younger anthonion in need during COVID-19.

The first lady Nilanthi Amarasinghe presented the former first lady Dimple De Alwis with bouquet of flowers for her support given to the former president and the club for the past 3 years.

The meeting was adjourned @ 1.03pm with everyone singing the college anthem followed by lunch.

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