Prashadi Ranasinghe of Prashadi Dance Academy

Prashadi Ranasinghe of Prashadi Dance Academy

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Like every child Prashadi continued her studies at college. But her enthusiasm for dancing was there since she was in very little age. Therefore she kept her first step in dancing at the age of 03 from Daya Nellampitiya and with a solid foundation received from there, after 05 years she selected Kulasiri Budawatta as her instructor. There she studied for 12 years and got all experience & abilities. During that period she performed at many occasions locally and also internationally.

Though she went through extensive studies under Budawatta, her eagerness for dancing never constrained from there, she went India for further studies, there she continues her studies for another 2 years period & gained the knowledge of Latin & Indian styles for a great extend.

Since then Prashadi’s dance addiction, has as taken her across many countries & she performed in many occasions, also she had the opportunity to perform with many internationally recognized cartographers & dancers, Such as Terrance Lewis.

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Address: 31/2, Railway Avenue, Maharagama, Sri Lanka
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Telephone: 00 94 112 746585



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