Q.E. 2. “SAPPHIRE JUBILEE” by Desmond Kelly “the Star of eLanka”


by Desmond Kelly “the Star of eLanka”

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eLanka congratulates Queen Elizabeth the 2nd on her.”Sapphire Jubliee”, or 65 year reign on the throne of England. Another “Royal” achievement of which all  Lankans, Australians, & in fact, all Lankan/Aussies should be very.proud.

The writer has already written a special tribute to our British Queen & I do hope that my readers have taken the trouble to read some important facts on this remarkable lady. I feel certain that ALL Australians are justifiably proud of her.

All Lankans should also be doubly proud of the fact that, together with her “Sapphire Jubilee”, Queen Elizabeth proudly wears the most beautiful “Sapphires”
that originally came from one of her favourite Asian Countries, namely CEYLON. Prominently featured on her “crown”, her bracelets, necklets & brooches, are gems from the tiny Island of Ceylon. Of course, her fabulous jewellry consists of “stones” from various other Countries too, but the biggest red, gold & BLUE Sapphires in the Monarch’s Crown originally came from Ceylon.

Recently, Her Majesty presented her daughter-in-law Kate with a ring featuring the biggest, most magnificent blue Sapphire as the centrepiece.
This, too, was from “My Lovely Island Home”.

Congratulations, Your Majesty, firstly, on your “Sapphire” jubilee & secondly, for proudly wearing the very BEST gems on Earth, from Ceylon/Sri Lanka.

Desmond Kelly
“Star of eLanka”

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