“SARONG-SATIRE” – By Des Kelly


“SARONG-SATIRE” – By Des Kelly


So, whats new ?. From a totally personal experience, 

due to ankylosin-spondylitis (a slow deterioration of the spinal cord), this writer has had to change part of his attire, and wear the “Sarong” full time. Truth is, I cannot go through the procedure of wearing trousers anymore, simply because I can hardly lift my bloody legs, in order to get into them, and rather than run around naked, scaring people, I found out that the good old Sarong was now the garment for me. In India, they call it the “Lungi”, but I know very little about India, so I won’t go “lunging” into anything.

          So, what’s new ?, I say again, It now seems, that at the age of 83 + the Editor of eLanka will now be “in fashion” once again. Proud to be associated with the very best Website for all Sri Lankans, everywhere, trouserless, yet colourfully sarong clad, I now bring all our millions of readers everywhere, this startlingly “Breaking News”

“The Lungi & Jungi, aside, your trousers & slacks you can hide, THE SARONG IS BACK, get them on, JACK!!!.


Desmond Kelly

  Desmond Kelly.

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