“IN SPAIN THEY SAY “SI SI” – By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

“IN SPAIN THEY SAY “SI SI” – By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

In Spain, they say “si si’, in France they say ‘”vi vi”
Every little Dutch girl says “ya” “ya”
Every little Danish “doll” says “da”
But sweetheart, tell me why?
No matter how I try
Won’t you answer to my plea
Just say it in any language to me
When will you say “si si”.

Spanish is a.beautiful language, isn’t it? , this is why I have decided to “introduce” one of the more “modern” Artistes of the day, to all our “on-line” readers of eLanka. His name is Bryan Adams, popular, extremely well known, even to the older folk such as ” yours truly” another “Icon” to the younger ones, of course.


No, people, Bryan does not sing in Spanish, as a matter of fact, the little “verse” above has absolutely nothing to do with this “story” I write. However, Bryan has written a superb song with a fairly long “title”, asking a rather pointed question,very interesting though. “Have you ever really loved a woman”? Bryan obviously has, because, to write a song like the one I offer our readers, the answer would have to be “Yes”.

Everyone of my readers is fully aware that, as far as music is concerned, my own favourite is “Country”, but again, Bryan’s song is so very “special”, not only are there several versions of it, this amazing song has been chosen as the background music for a film, just as “Lara’s Theme” was the background for Dr.Zivago.

For eLanka readers everywhere, please ENJOY not only the “Spanish” version of the song I have picked for you, BUT ALSO the most beautiful Orchestrated version of “Music” that is unforgettable.



Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka.



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