SRI LANKA The jungle and the ruins

SRI LANKA The jungle and the ruins


Sri Lanka is the homeland of elephants, jewels and Ceylon tea, well-known to the whole world. There are beaches, the jungle, ruins of the ancient cities, Buddhist and Hindu temples. Sri Lanka is accurately divided into certain regions, as though specially created for travelers with various interests.

If you are interested in the best and most popular beaches, then you need to go straight from the airport to the coast of Negombo or Bentota. Or to one of the beaches between them. If you wish for the sea and the sun, and less people, then it is better to choose the beaches on the Eastern coast.

Fans of the history can straight away, without any delay, head to the central part of the island, where there is the congregation of ruins of the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the amazing rock of Sigiriya, numerous temples, monasteries and huge Buddhist stupas. And for those, who enjoy tea, mountain walks and slow trips on trains with charming views – a direct road to the mountain part of Ceylon.

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