“THE MEETING” by Des Kelly

“THE MEETING” by Des Kelly

     The “meeting” takes place on the 12th of June. 

     Who will it be, that “calls the tune”?

     Will it be both the “Peace-Makers”?, and their “Staff”?

     At this “Summit-Meeting, (don’t make me laugh)!! 

     This is where natural scepticism comes in. Both 

“twittering Trump” & “the little “rocket-man” Un plan to meet in Singapore on June, the 12th, this year. They plan, hopefully, to make the World a more peaceful place, and, in so doing, collect the Nobel Peace Prize for 2018.

     While hoping & praying that they do, I have to inform my eLanka & Lanka Times readers that, although I am not half as sceptical as you people out there are, I think that Mr. Donald Trump (Actor, and now President of the United States of America, badly needs a “holiday”, and what could be a better place than Singapore, in which to spend that holiday ?. Singapore, where troubles are few, since Lee Kwan Yew, G.C.M.G.  C.H.  S.P.M.J.(born 16th Sept. 1923 & died of pneumonia on the 23rd of March, 2015, aged 92, who called himself L.K.Y.(to simplify matters), was the P.M. of Singapore for 30 whole years. “What has all this to do with this bloody Summit Meeting, Des”., ? you ask. 

     Well nothing, except the fact that, because of L.K.Y., Singapore can boast about being the BEST, CLEANEST, MOST DISCIPLINED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. 

I happen to know, thru a Colleague of mine, who lived there, that this P.M. had a ^trusted henchman” in EVERY little Suburb of Singapore, who would keep an eye open for even slight discrepancies & report these directly to him. He then took swift action to “fix those discrepancies”. The Streets of Singapore were so clean, one could “eat” off it and not have a crook stomach. If ANY Singaporean was in trouble, had an accident, or, was being assaulted & the Police were notified, they (the Police), HAD to be on the scene within 5 minutes to stop the rot, or be hauled over the coals themselves, if they were late. No-one was permitted to even throw a scrap of paper, cigarette butt or “spit” on the Streets of Singapore. 

If you did, and got caught doing it, you would spend time in Jail, doing hard labour & living on stale bread & water.(Australia, take note).

     This is why the President of America is pleased that this meeting is to be held in Singapore. “America is great”, he twitters, so he now wants to go to Singapore to find out how to make America greater, and earn the Nobel Prize if possible.

     The little President of North Korea is also pleased to “meet anyone” these days, in order to keep his weight in trim, pay his barber for that wild haircut & keep his Country from starvation, what, with all these sanctions piling up.

He is willing to hug anyone who could help HIM win this Peace Prize too. At the same time, it is a good thing that this meeting will be held “sitting down”. If they both were “up-standing” instead of “standing-up”, the “Rocket-Man would have to stand upon a box to be noticed.

     I am not in the least sceptical, but “The Meeting” is to be held, because Donald Trump needs a holiday and Kim Jong Un needs some “delaying tactics” so he can get his Country going, again, while he stockpiles more “rockets” & nuclear arms with which to frighten the crap out of South Korea & Japan.

I am also very glad that Michael Turnbull and Bill Shorten are not invited to this meeting, because they have their own worries to sort out, here.

Desmond Kelly.

   Star of eLanka.


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