“YES OR NO”? – By Des Kelly

“YES OR NO”? – By Des Kelly

     It is on the news in Australia right now. All my Lankan/Aussie readers will probably seen “this case” on television a couple of dozen times already, as this medium, along with the “Press” repeat “breaking news”, as they call it, so often, people do become blaze, and, after a while, lose interest in the story altogether. Because of this, I refrain from using the “names” of the people involved in this one, suffice to say that ” the age of consent” here, is what we are talking about, the age of consent for sex, as a matter of fact.


     This IS a somewhat different story though. This young female goes out to enjoy herself at some venue one evening, being alone, this young guy asks her very politely for a dance, hardly gets the chance to even find out who she is, (the music is probably too bloody loud, anyway), asks her to go outside where it is a little quieter, takes her to a dark alley, tells her to get down on her hands & knees to thrill her with some anal sex, and she does. 


     What is the matter with this bloke?. Because he is a relative of the owner of the venue, does he feel as though he could do this anytime he wanted to, does this mean that his hormones are functioning much more than those of the other young guys around. Does it mean that he can get out his “wedding tackle” & use it anyway he prefers?. Should he not have taken this girl to a quiet motel, asked her politely to undress, then politely ask her if it was o.k, to have sex with he(also politely, as he had done, so many times) & THEN have his way with her in the ” Missionary position” for starters. Then, of course, there would not be a Court-case & I would have nothing to write about, except music, for eLanka, my favourite website. I do feel a little jealous about this young man because I felt that I was quick on the uptake too, but, for a “fast-worker”, this guy takes first prize.


     He then goes to Court (she made it necessary for him to go there), and says (swearing on the Bible) that he was under the impression that “the lightning-affair” was consensual. “She was more COMFORTABLE on her hands and knees”. Can you believe this dear reader ?. We have to, I suppose, after all, one certain President of the U.S.A. swore that he NEVER had intercourse with THAT woman & maybe that was true, after all, by all accounts, SHE”had sexual “Ountercourse” with HIM!!. Another President, & I won’t mention his name either, is facing many more accusations than the ONE “stormy” relationship he is supposed to have had.


     What is the matter with this girl ?. Why couldn’t she find a partner to accompany her to this dance party ?, Why did she not refuse his  invitation to dance”?, why did she agree to go out into the dark night with the guy she had just met?, why didn’t she refuse to get down on her hands & knees ? She could have told him that she did not want to scratch her knees on the gravel, “why don’t we go into your comfortable bedroom & have it off, there, mate, on my back, in a more comfortable position for me, or simply say, “NO” & if he persisted, inquire of him “What part of “no” don’t you understand”as the beautiful Lorrie Morgan sings in my ” music-clip for this story.


“YES, OR NO” It is as simple as that. Provided both partners are of “legal-age”, provided that both partners are “In the mood”, you either want it or you don’t, and must not be pressurised into “doing it”. If you go out dancing, and you happen to be a young female especially, you have to remember that every “move” you make initially, sets off this ” Vertical expression of horizontal desire” in your partner, as was the “male-lead” of my story, today. 


desmond kelly Desmond Kelly

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