Aakash Sri Lanka – Enabling Green Economies

Aakash Sri Lanka – Enabling Green Economies

Aakash Sri Lanka - Enabling Green Economies12

Partners in Sri Lanka

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Chairman of Aakash Green.

Aakash Sri Lanka - Enabling Green Economies02

Mr. Jeff Goonewardena – Board member of Aakash Green.

Aakash has already commissioned two power projects one in Sri Lanka and the other in South Africa.
Aakash green is committed and working towards to reach the word Aakash- Sky itself.
Sri Lanka is privileged to be chosen as one of the destinations to execute this project.
Aakash has successfully completed the plantation close to 600,000 bamboo plants in Vavuniya bringing a lot of benefits.

We are exited to share the good news that Aakash received 5 acres of Land in Digampathaha, Dambulla which is in Matale district.
Dambulla is known to be the second largest population centre in Matale district.
We already planted 5000 Aakash bamboo tress in that 5 acre land.
It is situated 104 km of Vavuniya and 166 km of Colombo to this beautiful location. 

Quick Facts about Dambulla

Dambulla city is well known because it is the only city in Sri Lanka which operates 24*7 just as Los vegas.
All the shops and banks are working 24*7 everyday.
Dambulla is the main trade hub for all fresh fruits and vegetables and the dedicated economic centre where, now its operations has diversified up to 144 traders and the farmers from all around the island reaching with their harvest every day.
Dambulla is also one of the most tourist attracted areas in Sri Lanka. It is a bucket listed destination specially because of the Golden cave temple which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

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Story Of Aakash in Dambulla
On 8th June we Visited the Digampathaha, Dambulla Land.
We inspected the area and discussed about how we can utilize the property.
The Honorable Mayor of Dambulla Mr. Jaliya Opatha gave 5 acres of land area to immediately start the project as he was equally interested about this.

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On 9th June the execution plan was discussed.

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This is a Gold mine, because the area and land itself has some uniquethings to promote. In addition to planting bamboo this place Can be promoted as a tourism spot. Once we visited this place we can see almost 50 wild elephants.

Aakash Sri Lanka - Enabling Green Economies8

By 15th June the 1st step of the project was started. That is digging the

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On 17th June 5000 AAKASH bamboo plants were planted in a ceremonial way. With the participation Officials in Dambulla, Member of parliament, Honorable mayor , 06 Buddhist priests and few others

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Future Of AAKASH

AAKASH is planning to extend the land area in Dambulla upto 15 acres in future.
To make it a tourist spot in collaboration with Sigiriyana by Thilanka, Dambulla.
2000 Aakash bamboo has been sent in Sri lanka
airlines flying from Colombo to Dubai (united emirates). And this is another pilot project we are about to start in Dubai

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