All about T-20 Cricket you need to know

All about T-20 Cricket you need to know


All about T-20 Cricket you need to know


TWENTY 20 CRICKET- Introduction To The New World Of Cricket

The game of cricket has continued to fascinate and entertain fans all over the world and it is the second most popular game in the world. Tournaments and matches keep taking place all the year around and the spirit of cricket is renewed along with each tournament.

The twenty twenty cricket has not been recently introduced but its magic among the audience has recently spread out. The concept behind this form of cricket was introduced in 2003 in England. This form of cricket has given a new definition to the game of cricket.

A twenty twenty is of duration of three hours and consist of 20 overs. Each team plays its innings and the technicalities are more or less the same as that of a usual game of cricket. The best part of this form of cricket that attracts a large number of spectators is that the time span of the game is very short and precise. This factor creates an air of great thrill and suspense in the game as well. It is also the main factor behind the recent success of this form of cricket. Another factor that differentiates it from one day match is that the players are seated in the cricket stadium and view the match from the boundaries and proceed from there to take their turn.

Recently a number of twenty twenty matches have been played among the different countries of the world. The most popular league that is really famous among the audience and crazy cricket lovers is the Indian premiere league. The famous celebrities have introduced a recent trend of promoting this league. This has given an exciting touch to this league.

Apart from that the twenty twenty is a great and innovative idea of having a good match of cricket and time saving as well. Nowadays it is being preferred over test and one day matches.


General Rules For The Game And Tie Deciders

The recent form of cricket that is the twenty 20 has made a huge success among the exciting fans of cricket. It was designed to increase the intensity of the game and to create more excitement among the fans. In 1999 England and Wales cricket board came up with the idea of this form of cricket.

Since it is a limited over session of cricket each team is assigned twenty overs and a single innings. The batsmen and the bowlers are seated on beaches. The area is known as technical area and the players depart from here and arrive here rather than proceeding towards dressing rooms.

Each bowler is assigned a total of 4 overs in each match. If the bowler delivers a no ball that is he oversteps the popping crease the batsmen gets a free hit and he can only be dismissed on this free hit if he gets run out while running between the pitch or if he is not on the crease. This rule is even applied in one day cricket. In twenty 20 the umpire can award the team five runs of penalty if he feels that time is being wasted.

There are certain rules to fielding placement as well for example there cannot be more than five fielders on the leg side. During the first six overs only two fielders can be outside the thirty yard circle. During the other six overs only five can be placed outside the circle for fielding.

 If the 20th over isn’t bowled by the bowling team within the 75 min interval the batting team starts getting a credit of 6 runs on each over after the interval. The decision of the time and the runs rests with the umpire. If a tie occurs a super over is awarded in which three batsmen and one bowler is appointed by each team and the first one to score high wins.


Physical Aspect Of The Game For The World-Wide Players

The twenty 20 series is the hottest and most upcoming form of cricket that is for sure going to take over all other forms of cricket. It is the shortened form of cricket which is why it has gained a lot of attention and proclamation from cricket lovers.

The level of excitement is doubled when time is running short in the game. This makes the game more thrilling and fun to watch. The three hour mania of cricket ultimately puts an immense lot of pressure on the players. So for that the players need to be physically fit. The twenty 20 series require the most energy from a player because it requires the best effort of play from both the bowler and the batsmen with limited amount of time.

Since time is limited and players have to give power shots this requires regular work out routine before the matches. A weeks run of 20 to 30 miles is necessary for a cricket player along with a 2 full body weight session to remain in form.

Most players practice three a week or more and the exercise session includes circuits, hill sprints and power lifting. During these session a few days are assigned to the batsmen to practice and some days are specified for bowlers. After these training sessions the players play matches with in the team to practice. The fitness coach is also there to guide them at every point.

Recovery is a very important physical aspect for the cricketers so after a good match, players take ice cold baths in order to relieve the lactic acid from their muscles. These are the physical training aspects that a cricketer has to go through in order to perform well at the game.

All about T-20 Cricket you need to know

Primary purpose of the introduction of Twenty 20 game

The twenty 20 series of cricket is recently gaining a lot of importance and popularity among the cricket audience. It is also known as the short game as it comprises of 20 overs and the approximate time is three hours 75 minutes. It was introduced in 2003 by the cricket board of England and Wales.

In 1999 the Benson and hedges cup took place. After that tournament it was noticed that there were long tiring sessions of one day cricket and test cricket that often bored the audience and less sponsors came forward for the event. So the cricket board decided that it ought to introduce a form of cricket that was short and precise.

So the primary purpose behind the introduction of this form of cricket was to lessen the lengthy hours of the game and make it more attractive for sponsors and along with the audience. The twenty 20 matches were designed to present a new form of cricket whose purpose was not to overtake other forms of cricket but to benefit cricket lovers and make the game more exciting and thrilling to watch.

It has been noticed from research and surveys that have been carried out that  there is  a great demand for this form of cricket and since it attracts a great deal of audience sponsors are ready to invest into such matches and tournaments. So the primary purpose of these matches has been fulfilled with the recent success and popularity meter soaring high. Recently the most famous league the Indian premier league has also introduced celebrities to promote each team. This has involved the film industry in the scenario as well and can be a reason too for the increased popularity. In short the twenty 20 has been a great success.


TWENTY 20 CRICKET- Relative Popularity Of The Different Types Amongst The World Audiences

The game of cricket has always been immensely popular among the crazy fans that follow up all the tournaments and matches of cricket. The game of cricket is so exciting and mind capturing that whether your team is winning or losing, it gets your adreline high.

The twenty twenty cricket is becoming more popular and greatly demanded by world audience over the one day match or test matches. With the upcoming era short and precise forms of entertainments are being entertained more than time taking forms of entertainment. The case in cricket is that the longest form of cricket talking in terms of time is the test cricket. It has been noted through ratings and audience attentandence that it is not as popular as other forms of cricket.

All about T-20 Cricket you need to knowWhen the twenty twenty series of cricket was introduced it was predicted that it won’t last for long as the true essence of cricket died in this form of cricket. It was said that a twenty over match couldn’t bring out the real form of the game and hence it didn’t qualify as a very good form of cricket. Gradually when matches were held it was noticed that the reserve took place. People instead of giving it an unwelcoming sort of response really liked it. So surprisingly the twenty twenty has shown remarkable popularity among the audience. This response is not just subjected to a few types of audience but people all the world are being attracted to this form of cricket.

A great response form audience attentandence and t.v viewers was noticed in the recent twenty twenty series. The greatest factor behind the success of the twenty twenty is that it is cricket being offered in the shortest time possible that makes it more thrilling and exciting.


The Accumulating Fame Received By the Game

The twenty 20 cricket has given a new definition to the game of cricket. Introduced in 2003 by the cricket board of England and Wales, the twenty 20 series have become internationally popular.

The three hour session of the twenty 20 cricket game is good enough to pump up the spirits of the audience and create an air of thrill among the fans. Since it is a limited over game the level of thrill is really high and attention of the viewer is more quickly captured. The time factor is the main element that makes this form of cricket so exciting.

The popularity of this game is already soaring high and the twenty 20 has increased this rating to a very high level. The number of audience has been remarkably large at these series as compared to that of a one day or test. TV viewer’s survey has also shown similar positive results. The ambience and environment of festivity that is created at the twenty 20 matches is worth enjoying.

Now even celebrates are becoming a part of the promotional campaigns of these matches. This is also the reason that not only guys but girls are also getting interested in the game of cricket and it often observed that people prefer to go for the team which their favourite celebrate is supporting.

The popularity meter is getting so high that The new generation of cricketers who are been renowned because of their power shots are being known as the t20 experts. This form of cricket is been referred to as the t20 series of matches. The shortened version of the game of cricket has made it more appealing to be fans and the t20 has become the hottest talk of the town.


TWENTY 20 CRICKET-The Reviews of the Crazy Fans on the new Inception

As the most recent form of cricket is popularising in the world, more and more audience is being attracted to it as well. Its dynamic and exuberant nature is the main agent in its popularity and success. But besides being appreciated, it is also facing equal criticisms from senior citizens which are quite logical and thoughtful.

The fans of Cricket have been pretty much energised by this new conception of Twenty 20 as it allows them a chance to boil up their spirits and be vociferous in the field. This is due to the very fact that this game is entirely composed of batsmen’s shots, 6s and 4s. Bowlers have a smaller role to play in the complete match and the focus of the audience is also only on the batsmen.

But this point has raised many criticisms as well. Many seniors argue that this Twenty 20 cricket has encouraged far-from-technical game and all the youngsters can be easily misguided that it is all about sixes and fours. Hence their main attraction will be towards the batsmen and few people will then come forward to learn bowling and develop up as good bowlers. And due to this the balance of the team can be easily distorted.virat kohli

Anyhow, this form of Cricket has won the hearts of world-wide die hard fans and their increasing likeness is to watch these very matches as compared to One Days and Tests which are longer and boring. They might eventually lose the attention of audiences in the upcoming years and many few people might actually turn up to watch these matches.

But this not certain as a small halt in the Twenty 20 matches, and more matches held on the basis of One Days or Tests might help in balancing out the audience and spectators.


TWENTY 20 CRICKET-Origination of a New and Fast Game

The twenty 20 form of cricket has recently gained a lot of importance and popularity among the crazy fans of cricket. It wasn’t designed to overtake the other forms of cricket but recent results of popularity and demand show that in a few years time the twenty 20 may become the most popular form of cricket.

The game basically originated from England. It was introduced by the cricket board of England and Wales in 1999 to introduce a short form of cricket to attract large number of sponsors and audiences after the tiring long matches of the Benson and hedges cup. It was originally introduced to hold inter country tournaments. It became internationally recognized in 2003 when the England cricket board introduced it.

The first match of the twenty20 series was played in England between the surrey lions and Warwickshire bears. The surrey lions defeated them by nine wickets and won the cup. Afterwards this form of cricket spread world wide. The first match was held in Australia in 2005 locally between the western warriors and Victorian bushrangers. A series of matches were held in all parts of the world.

The first international twenty 20 took place between Australia and New Zealand in Auckland. The first twenty20 international in England was held between England and Australia and it was won by England with a record of 100 runs of victory.

A series of matches and tournaments on the twenty 20 have been held ever since. The recent winner of the twenty 20 cup is Pakistan. In short the purpose of the game was achieved and a great response form the target audience was also perceived. The carnival atmosphere that greets this form of cricket every time proves its popularity worldwide among the die heart fans of cricket.


Twenty 20 cricket- The ICC World cup and the kick start for the sport.

Twenty 20 cricket is the shortest form of cricket and an interesting innovation in this field. The 2009 ICC world twenty which took place in England in June 2009 was an international Twenty20 cricket. This year it was won by Pakistan who was also the runner-up of the previous tournament. The ICC World Twenty20 cup started in South Africa in 2007. The inaugural Twenty20 World Cup was a huge success. India won the Championship and soon Twenty20 cricket became the new flavor in the cricket mad nations. From that day, the popularity of twenty20 cricket started increasing day by day. After that, India, Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa and other giants of cricket started it on domestic level as well. This year it was the second tournament.  

After the booming introductory Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007, the ICC made the decision to hold the event every two years, and it was decided that England would host the 2009 Twenty20 World Cup. The 2009 edition of the tournament did not have many changes to the format which was used in 2007, with the exception of changes to tie breaker rules which is to knock out the maximum number of wickets in case of a tie.

Recently, the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup has become very popular among the people. It is an attractive and exciting tournament for cricket’s abbreviated format. Although the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is not considered to be equal to the Cricket world cup in status, it has over shadowed many other older cricket tournaments in popularity and viewership.  This shortened format of cricket is being enthusiastically received by people all over the world. The high mark it got after the twenty 20 world cup is remarkable. It was a huge success and achievement. India came to the top of the finals where they defeated their all time rivals Pakistan in a nail biting encounter. It was a mesmerizing and thrilling match. From there the popularity and fame of this cricket knew no bounds. 

Next world cup was organized in the England where Pakistan became the champion of the tournament after defeating Sri Lanka. The enthusiasm and eagerness showed by the public before, after and during this tournament is the biggest proof of its success at international level. 12 teams participated in the 2009 Twenty20 World Cup, including the 9 test playing nations, and ICC Associate members Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands. 3 English stadiums were used to host 2009 Twenty20 World Cup matches. The opening ceremony was held in Lords as well as the final match.

It also gave birth to other lucrative and profitable Twenty20 tournaments like Indian Premier League (IPL). Pakistan also started it on national level forming PPL (Pakistan Premier League). The ICC world Twenty20 has not only created a new and younger fan base for the sport but it has also entered the unexplored markets of China and America where there was no existence of the traditional five-day Test and One-day cricket . ICC is looking forward to cash in the popularity and enter new markets like Russia with this year. The turn out after every twenty 20 match, whether it is on national or international level, has always been more than the expectations of the organizers.

According to the cricket experts, there is no doubt that the charm and fascination of twenty 20 cricket is a great threat to the popularity of test cricket and one day matches. Hectic routines and fast lives of people have unable them to watch day and night matches. So, twenty 20 cricket is the best way to provide them fun, entertainment, excitement, charm and thrill in maximum three hours. It has redeemed cricket all over the world and set up a new life in world cricket. 


TWENTY CRICKET 20- The Only Future Face of Cricket?

Twenty 20 Cricket was initially introduced inside England for professional inter-county competitions but it soon gained enough popularity to be swept around the globe as a new type of International Cricket. Due to its ever growing popularity, it is being thought as it might emerge as the one and only form of future cricket, though this is liable to be just an overstatement.

Besides, there are many reasons for Twenty 20 emerging as the only form of the dynamic sport. Due to its shorter time period, the game is more enthusiastic and full of energy and potential where every player, in hope of victory, plays with complete zeal and zest and heightens the mood of the spectators. This provides the audience with an open choice of enjoying their leisure time to the extreme.

Also, in this fast modern life, everybody has little time to spend on recreations and hence have few relaxation activities. Therefore, whenever they are get a chance of saving their precious time and having an equal opportunity of enjoying, they turn up in the regularly held matches of Twenty 20 Cricket.

In comparison a single Test Cricket match prolongs over 5 days. This creates boredom in the audiences and due to this very fact, very few people turn up to watch these types of matches. Mostly the audience consists of very elderly or very young folks who relatively have lesser responsibilities and greater time for spending on outings. The game itself is very slow and free of typical twists like those experienced in Twenty 20s or One Day Internationals.

The game of Twenty 20 is short and spicy. Each and every moment is full of surprises and dynamic performances from the players. Back-to-back fours and sixes create an energy surge in the audiences that is quite enough to boil up their spirits. Due to this very exuberance of the game, it is expected to be more popular in the near future.

Next T-20 Cricket World Cup

The International Cricket Council on Friday, 7 August 2020, confirmed the new schedule for major events affected by the global pandemic.

Ref: ICC Cricket 

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2020, which was supposed to be held in Australia in October-November, has been postponed to 2022.

The 2021 edition of the T20 World Cup, which was scheduled in India, will take place as planned.

The format of the Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will remain as it was for 2020, and all the teams who qualified for the 2020 event will now participate in the edition in India. A new qualification process will be run for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022.

All fans who purchased tickets to the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia will be refunded in full. More information for ticket holders is available here.


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