Most of the songs I have “written & composed” have been “love-songs”. This stems from the era in which they were written, the 50’s & 60’s. They were the years when “Love was in the air”. They were the songs that were written when, instead of violence, romance was paramount, in every sense of the word. Of course, love-stories did not always end with the “happily ever after” theme. Sometimes, as in my case, I ended up :-

                   “BACK, WHERE I STARTED, AGAIN”.

I’ve tried counting sheep, but I just can’t sleep
I’m back, where I started, again
As time passes by, like a faraway sigh
The breeze seems to whisper your name
My life had been lonely, until I met you
Then,nothing else mattered, my dreams had come true
Now you’ve said goodbye, & I was to blame
So, I’m back, where I started, again.

I want you to know, wherever you go
That I’m back, where I started, again
I’d give all I own, to have you back home
Without you, life won’t be the same
My arms had been empty, till you came my way
You made me so happy, love, had come to stay
Now you’ve said goodbye, cos I played a game
And, I’m back, where I started
So blue and down-hearted
I’m back, where I started, again
Back, where I started, again.

               Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.

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