Beauty uncreated by Man – by Oscar E V Fernando

Beauty uncreated by Man – by Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

Nature-a world by its own-clothed in radiant colored apparel-studded with plants, animals, mountains valleys, beaches and seas-sights so precious and magnificent-forests ferociously wild-rivers and lakes that flow-easy in style-seen in pristine beauty bordering earth and sky-smells galore with living organisms creeping-crawling and chirpily flying a glow

This beauty on its own living longer than man-with man needing nature for herbs and likes-nature in no need of man

so let it be sustained for generations to be held in veneration

was it by a will-o-the wisp that all this happened?


your guess is as good as mine my worthy friend

Are these not what man strives and longs to see beyond his uneasy stride-away from jungle concrete to a jungle in treat-from smoke-smog-tooting horns-to have a bush walk on a fresh morn-all that he lost from His Paradise Fall

some such in search of that same paradise now lost from sight-others with mind so cruel and brutal ravaging nature in greed so wild-with means-so mean-perhaps spiting-spiting His Heavy Fall from Eden Paradise

burning fuel fossil-deforesting chopping axing trees a growing centuries past-causing-

polluted air-water undrinkable-tsunamis fires floods and the likes and also-

pandemics in quick succession!

nature hath warned though many a time-

leave us alone and man-you mind your own-

but will we?

no-not until further catastrophes and pandemics to open minds and hearts and mask the mouth of pride!

Oscar E V Fernando

August 2020


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