BOOK NOTICE: The Zeylonese Treasure Book of Myth, Mystery and Mystique

BOOK NOTICE: The Zeylonese Treasure Book of Myth, Mystery and Mystique

Zeylonese Treasure-eLanka

Published by Neptune Publications, pages 807 pp, Price Rs.3800. Available at Barefoot Bookshop.

This pioneering work covers a hundred oddities, curiosities and mysteries of Sri Lanka that have for long defied explanation.  Our island is, after all, home to some of the weirdest lore and legends handed down the generations that speak of many strange things. These stories coming down to us from hoary antiquity speak of lost cities, vanished peoples, extinct creatures, strange ruins, weird prophecies, eerie happenings, bizarre visitations, mysterious deaths, unexplained sicknesses and unspeakable horrors among other things.

This book covers many such mysteries from the whereabouts of Ravana’s kingdom, the legendary Naga race and a missing race of dwarfs to man-eating ogres, cannibalistic women, feral children living in the wild, water sprites, female spectres, demons scared of iron, human sacrifices, lost gold mines, hidden redoubts, buried treasures and mysterious phenomena to name just a few.

All this and more has been dealt with by the author who takes his readers on a most fascinating journey not only to understand these inexplicable accounts and the context in which they emerged, but also to unravel their mysterious origins wherever possible. This he has done by subjecting them to careful scrutiny through rigorous research whereby he has succeeded in demystifying many of these. Others however continue to remain a mystery as they have been for ages past though here too the reader will find possible answers and explanations.

Our Edenic Island holds more mysteries than one supposes even in one’s wildest dreams. To read this book is to embark on a journey of a hundred delights only to discover a country you never knew existed.


Where was Ravana’s Lanka

Who were the Nagas

Ever so real Demons

The Search for Tammaenna

The Mysterious Sanctity of Adam’s Peak

The Ghost of Sinhala

Lost Race of Nittaewo

Macedonian Adventure

Lost White Folk

Cannibals of Tambapanni

Man-eating Ogres

Primeval Forests

The Great Famine

Lost Cities of the Coasts

Lost Temple of the Gods

Elusive Mines of Gold

The Lost Meru

Lost Treasure

The Water Kingdom

Strange Pyramidal Ruins

Ferrophobic Spirits

Luminous Firebugs and Numinous Phenomena

Grease Yaka

The Thirty Two Tortures

The Shifting Hue of Blue

Water Monsters

The Lost City of the Horse

Brahmins Crossing Black Water

What was the Anaconda

What happened to the Gaurs

Frankish Disease

Red Eye Disease

The Elusive Sickness of Beriberi

The Winged Origins of Malarial Fever

Lizard-like Men

The Devil’s Voice

The Black Deaths

The Kali Kovil

Strange Sacrificial Stones

The Loadstone Mound

Discriminating Sharks

Portuguese Prophecy

The Enduring Mystery of the Sigiri Frescoes

The Great Earthquake of 1615

The Forgotten Ceylon Tea

The King Coconut’s Origin

Blue-eyed Beauties

The Secret Language of the Rodi

Animal Killer Cult

Demon Sacrifice in Bahirawa Kanda

The Mohini Legend

Ominous Blue Waters

Spotted Elephants

Giant Blue Worms of the Highlands

Singing Fish of Batticaloa

Mysterious Fossil Crabs

Long Lost Lions

The Lost Unicorn

Giant Birds

Where Elephants go to Die

The Snake Gem

Feral Children of Sinharaja

Elusive Giants

Hill-top Men

The Pirates of Rassamunakanda

Legend of the Mermaid

The Mare-faced Lady

The Bodirima

The Town of Missing Boys

The Foolish Folk of Tumpane

Who were the Baburan

Who were the Fish-Kings

The Women Rulers of the Vanni

Mysterious Mukkaru Miners

Self Tortures of the Faqeers

Virgin Blood

The Vuystwyk Horror

Thunderbolt Matter

The Flying Machine

Sound-guided Weapons

Sinhalese Fireworks

Mysterious Rays in the Sky

The White Sands of Cinnamon Gardens

The Mecca of Sinhalese Folklore

The Afghan Buddha

Relics from another World

The Enduring Legacy of the Brazen Palace

Boats that Traversed the Tides of Time

Comet of Doom

Death of Charles Henry De Soysa

Spooky Houses and Happenings

Water of Life and other Miraculous Waters

The Dumb Sea

Coloured Rain

The Desert of Jaffna

Giant Turtleshell Homes

Red Toddy Taverns

The Mystic Yantra-gal

Lost Art of Tattooing

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