Celebrating 75 years of dedicated service

Celebrating 75 years of dedicated service



The Sri Lanka Police College, Kalutara will commemorate its 75th anniversary on September 29, 2023, with pomp and grandour, while paying tribute to its former and current servicemen.

As the key institution in charge of providing professional training to the new recruits, the Training College has been rendering a yeoman service to both the Sri Lanka Police and the country as a whole.

The Ceylon Police Force (Sri Lanka Police) was officially established when the country was still under British rule.

On September 3, 1866 Sir George William Robert Campbell (then the chief of police in the Indian province of Rathnageri), was appointed as Chief Superintendent of Police in Ceylon to command the Police Forces.

Director, Sri Lanka Police College, Kalutara, Senior Superintendent of Police, J.A.Chandrasena

Director, Sri Lanka Police College, Kalutara, Senior Superintendent of Police, J.A.Chandrasena

In 1867, the first Police Headquarters was established in Maradana. In 1947, Richard Aluvihare became the first Sri Lankan to be appointed as Inspector General of Police. The appointment of Aluvihare was a turning point in the history of the Police, and he will always be remembered for his outstanding contribution to Sri Lanka Police and the welfare of police officers.

Under the direction of IGP Aluvihare, the Police Training College was established in Kalutara on September 29, 1948. In the same year, then Superintendent of Police Sydney de Zoysa was appointed as Director of the Police Training School, Kalutara. As of today, 27 Senior Police Officers had served as Directors at the Training School.

The name of the Police Training College was changed to Police College on September 1, 1974. The Current Director of the Police College (28th Director) is Senior Superintendent of Police J.A.Chandrasena.

The Kalutara Police College, renowned for its top-notch training facilities, has the ability to train 4550 police personnel at once. All new police recruits ranging from police constables, sub inspectors, superintendents to drivers are required to complete the comprehensive training programs. The training program at the College is well known for its emphasis on fostering religious and cultural values in trainees in addition to its up-to-date curriculum.

The training school currently stretches over 204 acres of land. The College was able to acquire such a large area of land, which is a crucial requirement for intensive training, thanks to the outstanding efforts of former Heads of State, Prime Minister Sirima Bandaranaike and former President J.R. Jayawardene.

Both had frequently graced the Pass-out Parades and other key ceremonies of the college.

The Sri Lanka Police is committed to uphold and enforce the law of the land, to preserve the public order and, prevent crime and Terrorism with prejudice to none – equity to all. The Kalutara Police College’s role as the major training institution for new recruits is critical in carrying out this mission.

For decades, the Kalutara Police College has provided excellent service to the nation and remains to serve as a magnificent centre of learning for the country’s law enforcement officers.


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