I’ve said it before, & I’ll say it again, as far as “telling it like it is”, there will never be ANYTHING like
“Country Music”. Good or bad, happy or sad, “Country”
tells us the “Story of Life”, like no other music can do.
This is the reason that, although I LOVE all types of music, my “forte” is “COUNTRY-STYLE”.

There are many kinds of music
And some “last” for just a while
Now & then, there’ll be a new “beat”
But I just sit back & smile
For when the latest “craze” is over
When it’s run it’s last long mile
They’ll still play “our kind of music”
Good old “Country-Style”

Good old “Country Music”, fiddles & guitars
A good old Country “hoedown” underneath the stars
Nothing can replace it, walk down a Country aisle
Good old “Country Music”, good old “Country-Style”.

Once AGAIN we’ll hear Hank Williams
And his famous “Cheatin Heart”
George Jones & old Buck Owens
Really TEAR your blues apart
Tammy, Tanya & Loretta
Makes the “Country Charts” beguile
And we love our Country Music
Good old “Country- Style”.

Good old “Country Music”, crying “Country-Steel”
Good old “Country Love-Songs” always make me feel
Memories are precious, like my tear-drop Country Isle
Good old “Country Music”, good old “Country-Style”

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.

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