DESPERATE EXPERIMENTAL GABBLE (4-5-7) – by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

DESPERATE EXPERIMENTAL GABBLE (4-5-7) – by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

desmond kelly

Just in case my readers of e’Lanka don’t know what the hell I am talking about, I did, very sincerely, try to find out the “meaning” for the figures 457, to no avail. Unfortunately, a few thousand LANKAN “Visa-holders” will be among many more, of different Nationalities, trying to “figure-out” the same thing. Although, there are a few of us around, I have never claimed to be a “smart-arse” & still, I have arrived to my own bloody conclusions as regards to this perplexing quandary.

“D” is the “4th” letter of the English language, right?
“E” is the “5th” letter of the same language, get it?
“G” is the “7th” letter, as we merrily go along, & so,
this is the reason, friends,for my “title” on this one.

For all Lankans who are in Aussie-Land on a Visa & still cannot speak, read ir write in English, there is nothing more important than making up your minds to learn as much as you can, before your Visa expires.

For those Lankans who are hopeful of coming here, go, as quickly as you can, to an “English Teacher” who will give you the necessary tuition to enable you to get here, work here, & , if you really like the place, stay here, as a Permanant Citizen. I now speak of Australia, but, suppose this is relevant for all other English speaking Countries, as well. Although they are fine Languages also, “Sinhala”, Tamil, & the other assorted languages spoken in Sri Lanka are good, ONLY in Sri Lanka. Come out here, and Sinhala is only good for the “kunuharapa” spoken, when you are refused your Visa. I hear a lot of IT, going around right now.

The Queen’s English is the true International Language. If a “rapid-fire” education in the “Q.E” is a little difficult, then, maybe, “Aussie-English will be a little easier to study. Aussies like to shorten most English words. An example would be “Aviary” which is pronounced “Avery”. There are hundreds of others, but this will be another “story”. Speaking for myself, which I generally do, I too, prefer Bill Shorten to Malc. Turnbull now, because it IS our present P.M. who is now following Don.Trump (see how we shorten everything), & “Vetting” for all they are worth even though it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with “animals”. One more thing,for the moment. If you come to Australia and live, for example in “Penny-Lane, you have to learn to say “Penny-Line”, yet, if you are counting from 1 – 10 in English here, after “eight” comes “noine” the word “nine” is unheard of, in Oz.

Strange, isn’t it? . When I came to Australia in 1962, it was the “Sinhala-Only” policy in Ceylon that chased us Burghers out of our OWN Country. When we came to Australia, it was “the other way around”. They then had, what was termed “The White-Australia Policy”. In Ceylon, you had to have a “dark-skin”in order to live there successfully & in Australia, you had to have a “fair-skin” in order to live successfully, here. We, Burghers did not know if we were Arthur, Martha or Mc.Arthur. Anyway, most of us had a “mottled-effect” between “dark & fair”, so there!!,

Finally, back, where I started again, also the title of one of my “Original-Song-Compositions, available for lovers of “good-Music”, on eLanka “You-Tube”, EVERYONE should know the meaning of DESPERATE.
EXPERIMENTAL is the “playing-around” with this new Policy, and GABBLE is what the present GOVERNMENT is doing with the “4-5-7-Visas at the moment.

“D-E-G- in the Queen’s English.

My dear Lankan Visa-Holders, your e’Lanka and I are willing to help you in any way we can.

Desmond Kelly
“Star of eLanka”.

P.S. 4-5-7-Visas entail much more than just the language issue. Please consult with the Sri Lankan High Commission for more clarity on the subject. D.K.


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