He was very close to a century, in age, but has just “passed-on” to carry on his great work, with his Creator, Jesus Christ. Billy Graham, as I remember him, was a superb “orator”, spreading the “Word” of Our Lord, all over the World, to huge audiences who would sit there transfixed hanging onto every word, looking at this man who was an Evangelist Extraordinaire in every sense of the word. 

          I did have the pleasure of listening to him, even though, unfortunately, I never did get the chance of seeing him, in person, but the absolute “power”of his voice will never be erased from my memory. Today, I feel certain that millions of people from all around the World will remember him as someone who touched their hearts, as few others could.

          On behalf of all Lankan/Aussies, everywhere, who were lucky just to hear him speak, eLanka & each & every one of our members send our sincere condolences to his family.

May the winds of love blow softly (Sir).

                     And whisper in your ear,

                     “May the Lord above, watch over us”,

                     As you said, in words, so clear.

Desmond Kelly
the Editor in Chief for eLanka.


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