“Parliamentary-positions” by Des Kelly

“Parliamentary-positions” by Des Kelly


“Rejoice, Barnaby. Above  “position” was not your’s alone, when living in a glass-house, one must not throw a stone”

“It’s easy to criticise, but then, don’t shiver, each time you look, into a mirror” (famous quote-to be, by Desmond Kelly).

Anything can happen now, and probably will. I have been advised, on may occasions, not to involve myself in “Politics”. I would love to do just this, but the “urge” is too strong. In Australia, right now, pride of place, on television, must go to “Parliamentary question time”. The days of good old British Comedy are long gone, but why worry ?. We now have “P.Q.T”., the BEST Comedy of Errors ever imagined. Instead of “running” the Country, Parliamentary Colleagues are “running” after each other, knives in hand, to stab each other in the back, because they seem to have nothing better to do. The boats have been stopped, but isn’t it a shame ?,

the refugees still come, only this time, by plane. The homeless, still homeless, the “Pollies” don’t care, each one of THEM is a Millionaire. Many “gangs” are still ruthless, they do as they like, the Police are told to “get on their bike”

The “rich” still get richer, the poor are still “bums”, “Ice”, is still ice, from wherever it comes. Road safety matters, or so, it is said, but life is for living, cos, you’re a long time dead”!!

Sad news, too, from Sri Lanka. “For Chinese infrastructure, THEY now want to be paid, but “golden eggs”,

can no longer be laid” (they are running short of money over there).

Getting away from the above, for a bit, but still sticking to television, as I do, I have to inform my eLanka readers that, instead of concentrating on “content” I am now doing the same, on T.V.Ads. The VERY BEST that I have seen often, on Channel 44 in Melbourne is the one all about “Window Roller-Shutters. The guy doing the “ad” is a superb actor.

Anyone buying a “shutter” as a result, will be doing it,  to keep him OUT.! He belongs in Hollywood with all the greats such as Sir Lawrence Olivier.  Anyway, eLanka’s ” News” is always the best, so lets get down to: OH, BABY, MINE” by the Four Knights. Information below was circulated on e’mail recently. Author is unknown, but obviously seems to know much more about Politics, than I ever will. D.K.


You won’t hear much from Labor and the Greens about Barnaby Joyce’s extra marital affair.


Bill Shorten

– had an extra-marital affair with cute blonde Chloe Bryce 10 years ago – and got Ms Bryce pregnant while both were still married.

Tony Burke

– had an affair with office staffer Skye Laris while married to Cathy Bresnan with kids.

Bob Hawke

– had an affair with Blanch d’Alpuget while married to Hazel – while he was PM.


Nick McKim

– had an affair with married staffer Cassy O’Connor while her husband artist was at home keeping the home fires burning and raising their 4 kids. McKim’s affair ended up breaking up the young family.

There are lot of shout-outs that Barnaby Joyce should resign.

Yet, Shorten, Burke and McKim are still there.

If we apply the “resign” principle to all of parliament – and the press gallery. Canberra would be a ghost town.

Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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