“I need nothing at all” by Des Kelly

“I need nothing at all” by Des Kelly

He has “made it” into both the Texas & Houston Music Halls of fame, still not inducted into the “main” Country Music Hall of fame, and, for the life of me, I cannot understand why. The year 2005 saw him get the credit he truly deserved in Texas, 2013, in Houston, but, what has he got to do to be inducted into “THE COUNTRY HALL OF FAME”, covering the whole American Country ?.

I need nothing at all, right now, except this music that I love, the respect & admiration of my own family & just a few genuine friends that “keep in touch”, writing for eLanka, still composing the “Country Love Songs” as I have done for well over 60 years now, still reading everything interesting that I can lay my hands on, especially about ” Artistes” like Gene Watson, a vocalist who can take ANY SONG and make it his own. There are hundreds of exceptionally talented Singers & Songwriters in both Australia & America. The only difference being the fact that those in America are much luckier with the “backing” they get for their recordings.

Even having all this, to be inducted into the main Country Music Hall of Fame, over there, seems extremely difficult.

I truly believe that Gene Watson should be in this Hall of Fame & if, during the past 5 years, he has still not been inducted into it, I would suggest that those who are responsible for the induction process, have their collective “hearing- aids” cleaned or replaced with new ones.

I need nothing at all, having the necessary experience to KNOW what a good song sounds like, the melody, the lyrics & the “feeling” with which a good song is sung. I would ask my Lankan/Aussie readers everywhere to “comment” on the Gene Watson “clips” that go with this article, to try and get this superb singer into the ” Hall of Fame”, where he belongs.

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Desmond Kelly

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