” THE NIGHT OF THE PLEBISCITE ” by Desmond Kelly “the Star of eLanka”

” THE NIGHT OF THE PLEBISCITE ” by Desmond Kelly “the Star of eLanka”

“It was a night, oo oo what a night it was, it really was such a night” sang Elvis Presley, and he was’nt singing about the night of the plebiscite, that’s right!, but Desmond Kelly is getting himself a little ahead of himself, now writing about the “night” of the 11th of February, 2017, the day set aside by our Government for a very important plebiscite in Australian History. “Same-Sex-Marriage”.

With everything that is happening in our magnificent Parliment Rooms, at the moment, no-one can even be sure that this multi-million dollar “event” will OCCUR. As such, this “article” of mine will have to be taken with “a pinch of salt”. 160 million (more or less), of tax-payer- dollars to decide the fate of ALL the same-sex couples who wish to seal their own FATE by getting married. For goodness sake! , these good people are already “together”, most of them, to my knowledge, live
together, eat & sleep together, make love “openly” on superb “floats” built especially for them at each & every “Mardi-gras” , actually “flaunting” their love for one another, why!, do they now want to get married and spoil it all?.

I might be “of the old school” but in my Oxford dictionary, to MARRY is to unite a MAN & WOMAN.

Thereby lies the question. Homosexuality & Lesbianism has been part of our lives since time began. WHY?, (in the context of time), has the love of the same sex, been clandestine, until very recently.

Why, previously, did both men and women have “come-out” after long periods of hiding their sexual feelings, simply because of the stigma attached to homo-sexuality? . I cannot understand the reason for this.They committed no crime and yet felt “guilty”.

True, we live in a much more progressive World nowadays and also true is the fact that it is considered NORMAL that a male has to marry a female in order to keep human-kind going BUT this certainly does not stop same-sex love. Our religons tell us to “love one another”. “turn the other cheek” if somebody slaps you. That, of course, is going a little too far. Some of my best male friends have been slightly homosexual, a few more, bi-sexual, none have gone so far as to wear female garb, but I have tolerated them all, as they have, me, being ramrod straight. For years & years, this went on.

Homosexuality & Lesbianism were rampant all over the world, hidden under a mysterious cloak of darkness, but even through those “times” the Oxford “dictionary” DID NOT come up with a separate word for MARRIAGE covering EVERYONE. Another thing that puzzles me is the word “GAY”. In sexual terms, this word is actually “GAI” (from the French) Does this also mean the Heterosexual is dull or depressed? I hope not. As usual, take it or leave it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HOMOSEXUALITY OR LESBIANISM. IT WAS “THERE” AT THE BEGINNING OF TIME & WILL STILL BE “THERE” AT THE END. LIVE IT, ALL YOU HOMOSEXUALS & LESBIANS & LOVE YOUR ” SAME-SEX” RELATIONSHIPS. LET HETEROSEXUALS GET MARRIED, HAVE CHILDRRN & KEEP THE WORLD GOING LOVE ONE ANOTHER, BUT IF YOU EVER GET “A THUNDERING SLAP”, SLAP RIGHT BACK, EVEN HARDER.

Finally, the upcoming plebiscite. While I totally agree that every individual in ANY Country should have a “say” in ir’s “running”, 160 MILLION or thereabouts, is FAR TOO MUCH to spend on ANY SUCH CITE. There are far too many other problems that have to be looked at & financially “helped” by this Government right now to worry about “Marital-Plebiscites. I would be more than happy if 320 Million is spent on getting Australia TOTALLY out of the “Black-hole” & into the “BLACK” Then we could have a really big party with “Elvis” singing “SUCH A NIGHT” & OO OO, IT WOULD BE REALLY WORTH IT.

STAR OF ELANKA Desmond Kelly.

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