Volume 3 of the 2015 Old Peterite Newsletter

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Dear Peterites,

We wish to share with you the Volume 3 of the 2015 Old Peterite Newsletter which includes activities carried out by St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union, it’s Batch Groups, Foundations and Overseas Branches during the period of August-December ‘2015. Also includes a special message from President Romeish De Mel inviting you to register for the Peterite Business Directory for which the form is attached along with the application for the OBU membership (for those who have not yet become members of the SPC OBU).


Since there were so many events and activities held in Sri Lanka and overseas, it was quite a task to compile this. Hence there was a delay and apologies for it. Yet this augurs well for the St. Peter’s College & for the OBU. Not the delay but the amount of content as this shows how active, united and passionate we Peterites are no matter which ever part of the World we are in. From Brisbane, Melbourne to Colombo and via Dubai, London, Washington to Toronto Peterites have rallied around the Blue White & Gold flag in doing their duty in community work, spiritual activities, on sports fields and social gathering.

Peterites have worked enduring and played alluring and filled many happy hours whilst lending their hearts and hands in lifting the College Flag high. So who can dare to point a finger?

Nonetheless we hope you will enjoy reading this and also sharing this. If you find the Newsletter file is too big to share, we will share the link to download it from the website.

You will find most of the news items, articles and photo albums on www.stpetersobu.com and also on our official facebook page www.facebook.com/obuofstpeterscollege

Please do visit and share your comments.

Don’t forget to note down the events calendar as Big Match season is ahead along with the stag nights and followed by Rugby season.

Wishing you all the best and god’s blessings!

Sujith Silva

Editor – St. Peter’s College OBU


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SPC OBU News letter 2015 Volume 3




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