Joe Van LangenbergAustralia’s sweetheart Olivia Newton John, despite being aware that she is fighting the greatest battle of her life, remains steadfastly philosophical in the midst of mounting adversity. Her courage has been inspirational in its true essence. Diagnosed with cancer initially in 1992, the accomplished singer famous for such chart-topping hits vis-a-vis “Let me be there”, ” Hopelessly devoted to you”, “Xanadu”, “Let’s get physical”, & “I honestly love you”, to name just five, among a host of others; has in an exclusive televised interview with Australia’s “Sunday night” said that she has been coping with the insidious disease since 2017, which has been the third time the cancer had returned & not the second time as previously disclosed.
Notwithstanding the fact that Olivia who is living on borrowed time, given that the cancer which has now made inroads into her spine from her shoulder, has escalated to stage four; refuses to get bogged down by her unfavourable prognosis. She is reluctant to listen to gloomy predictions, in terms of how long she has to live, maintaining that she will cross that bridge when she eventually reaches it. Olivia Newton-John is not only a performer of no mean repute, but she has also carved out a niche for herself in the acting industry, showcasing her prowess as Sandy, in the blockbuster ‘Grease’, as Danny’s boyfriend, a role portrayed by John Travolta.

Additionally, Olivia happens to be a co-founder (along with former Victorian Premier Ted Bellieu) of the Olivia Newton-John Health & Wellbeing Centre, which is an integral part of the Austin Hospital, located in the Victorian suburb of Heidelberg & the face of the said centre. Olivia’ s husband of ten years John Esterfield & her daughter Chloe, who incessantly grapples with demons of her own, are her biggest fans & primary constants in her life. Living at her Santa Barbara Ranch in the United States along with husband John & daughter Chloe & her horses to keep her busy, Olivia takes one day at a time, hoping & praying that there would be a miraculous turnaround. One knows not, how, when & in which direction the pendulum will swing. As one of my closest friends told me before she succumbed to the ravages of cancer “Be realistic & plan for a miracle”.

Hope as they say, at times can be a very dangerous thing, but it can also be the only available option. Needless to say, Olivia is wished the very best. Perhaps, the Healing Hands of the One Above will act in mysterious ways & work His celestial magic! Life is so fragile.Try forgiving those who wrong you. No one is perfect, no one is infallible. That’s all part of been human!

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