Our Generation – by Des Kelly

Our Generation – by Des Kelly

Our Generation – by Des Kelly

This time, from “Keiths-Squared”, with thanks to, firstly, Keith Ockersz

and then to Keith Bennett, this, both interesting & revealing portrait on what it was like, during the good old days, especially in Ceylon then, & Sri Lanka now. Let’s not waste time, Des., let’s get onto it.

If this happens to be a repeat, then, it’s a repeat worth repeating.


Desmond Kelly

(Editor-in-Chief) e’ Lanka.

Our Generation – by Des Kelly
>           *WILL NEVER COME BACK*
>       ————————————————
>                        May 2022
> ⚄ A generation who *walked to school* and then walked back.
> ⚄ A generation who *went to school* by *bus/train* and came back.
> ⚄ A generation who did their *homework alone* to get out of the house *to play in the street.*
> ⚄ A generation who played *marbles, and hide and seek in the backyard.*
> ⚄ A generation who made *mud cakes and paper boats* in the rain.
> ⚄ A generation who collected *bubble gum cards.*
> ⚄ A generation who collected *returned old newspapers* and used bottles to the *bottle man.*
> ⚄ A generation who made *paper planes* that flew…
> ⚄ A generation who bought vinyl albums to play on *gramophones.*
> ⚄ A generation who collected *photographs of musicians* and celebrities.
> ⚄ A generation who played *scrabble, snakes & ladders, ludo, and rummy* on rainy days.
> ⚄ A generation who listened to *Radio Ceylon* from the morning.
> ⚄ A generation who had *parents who were always there.*
> ⚄ A generation who ate at *Greenlands Hotel* & *Saraswathi Lodge.*
> ⚄ A generation who ate *“Alerics – red topped with snow-white ice cream,”* that was boldly emblazoned on the top at *Piccadilly Cafe,* Bambalapitiya.
> ⚄ A generation who *cycled down every street in the block.*
> ⚄ A generation who sucked on *bulto* and *narambik lozenges.*
> ⚄ A generation who ate *achcharu* from the *old lady* on the *street corner.*
> ⚄ A generation who *climbed trees* to *eat fruit* off the branches.
> ⚄ A generation who hit the matinee at *Savoy and Majestic* every Tuesday.
> ⚄ A generation who hung out at the *Bamba Flats* hoping to hook a *pretty dame.*
> ⚄ A generation who *loved music, bell-bottom pants,* and some guys with *long hair*
> ⚄ A generation who kept *autograph books* and *cherished them like their life.*
> ⚄ *A generation who will never come back!*
> ⚄ *I loved Growing up when I did.* 

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