Personality Development Through Music – By Shaasthrapathy Sangeeth Nipun Rupashika Ranathunga

Personality Development Through Music – By Shaasthrapathy Sangeeth Nipun Rupashika Ranathunga

Shasthrapathi Sangeeth Nipun Rupashika RanathungaWhen a human is born as a child, there is no personality development within them. However, eventually, when the brain and body develop, and due to the experience gained while growing up in society along with the proper guidance provided by adults, there occurs personality development. A nice personality with good qualities can be developed depending on one’s living environment, the culture he associates and the religious values he follows.

Personality is not a mere physical characteristic. In fact, it is to do with much more such as his behaviour, values, intelligence, thoughts, as well as how he interacts with others. Personality is thoroughly analyzed in Psychology. One’s personal qualities well affect how he is liked or disliked by others in society.

The sound waves of the environment we live in have the ability to affect our thoughts. The sounds that we hear are two-fold, namely: noise and tone. Noise consists of harsh sound waves that are not formerly organized while tone has tuneful waves that are well organized. Irregular sound waves of noise not only complicate the human brain while regular sound waves excite certain parts of the brain and develop feelings and moods.     

I am sure you have seen glasses being broken due to sharp pitched sound waves. In fact, rhythmic sound waves can even break a massive bridge. This happens because of the vibration of sound waves. When sound waves are mixed with music enter the human brain, hormones are released while many actions take place within. In music therapy, soft music is used to calm the mind. By studying music, one’s thoughts could be changed positively and in order to do that, many activities are being utilized. Studying music or being involved in musical activities can bring benefits such as being disciplined, developing patience, being single-minded, improving the mind and being active. By changing one’s thoughts, he becomes not only a likeable person but also an accepted person in society.

Listening to music can make the mind healthy and also develop one’s ability to appreciate aesthetics. Enjoyment of aesthetics can create various moods, and these moods can lead to positive emotions while such emotions directly influence one’s personality development. In fact, the raag tunes included in music can discipline you. When studying Raag music, it is important to be single-minded and the ability to maintain this quality can be improved by being involved in activities related to raag tunes. Raag music also develops thoughtfulness, intelligence and knowledge.

A child who is associated with music from the early days is well used to self-satisfaction and self-control. Among the present generation of children, there are many who are used to taking drugs and alcohol. This is a habit that many children with weak minds are addicted to in order to get some temporary relief from the issues they face in life. Yet, the outcome of this habit is a tragic end of life. So, if the child is to be saved from such a disaster, his mind needs to be made stronger, and strengthening his mind is definitely a better method than trying to pull him out of a disaster he has already fallen into. The easiest way to do this is to direct him towards any form of art from his early days. In fact, music therapy has the ability to strengthen weak minds and activate physically weak children.

Listening to music and appreciating it is a vital component in one’s life. It helps in developing emotions such as positive thoughts, kindness, mercy and compassion, and recognize and feel other people’s sadness and happiness which in turn helps one to live as a well-accepted person. Good thoughts and good values do create a good personality. Accordingly, music is a creative art that has the ability to produce important people with great personalities.

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