Already, from what I did read read on ELanka, on Tuesday the 19th of July, 2016, our electronic medium is fairly “buzzing” with the “news” about Senator-elect Pauline Hanson, her “One-Nation” Political Party & her strong views on what should be “good” for Australia in the FUTURE. Pauline Hanson is certainly no “rookie” in the game of Politics. She has been “around” for a couple of decades at least, always has had the visible courage of her convictions and does not hesitate to “air” them whenever & wherever possible. Because of these “convictions” , no matter what we think, CREDIT is due to both Pauline & her “Political-Partner” Derryn Hinch for speaking their minds out, no matter what!!,  and I certainly admire them both for this.

Social bloody Media tripled, is what is going to make a huge friggin difference to our lives in Australia, going forward and I need not elaborate on this any further than the recent General Election we have just been through.”Aunty ” A.B.C.” has been a boon, and  none too soon, poetically speaking, in giving  the “Public” the full gamut of necessary T.V.viewing to keep us all ‘informed” of what goes on both here in Oz & around the World, QUANDA is a television production of which we should be proud, and, if I may say so, “eLanka” for us Lankans in Australia,  especially, is “the way to go” if you want to be “in the know”. It is indeed a pleasure for this “octogenerian” to be “writing” for both The Lanka Times & more recently, for what I feel, is our Sri Lanka’s top “Electronic-Medium” eLanka (for Lankans “down-under”.  . I have always been, am now, and always will be,  a very proud “Sri Lankan/Australian”.

To get down to my story for you without any more ado,

     I had a strong feeling that this particular QUANDA

T.V. Programme with Pauline Hanson front & centre on  the 18th of July, 2016 was going to be very interesting indeed. It was certainly not a case of QUONDO-QUONDO (or perhaps, perhaps, as the popular song.lyrics went) The entire “Panel” of guests including Nick Zenaphon made for a very special “show” indeed,  but the subject that introduced the dialogue,  naturally, was on Pauline Hanson’ s important policy on a FUTURE Australia for Australians
For this particular “story” I will stick to my own views on Pauline’s answers to questions that were directed at her, right from the beginning of “QUANDA QUANDA”.

     Pauline Hanson was “welcomed” to the studio, it seems, by demonstrators “outside” Channel 2, in Melbourne. . While thousands of Australians recently voted her back into Parliment after many years since her “One-Nation Party” was designated to the back-woods, there ARE still quite a few prople who cannot fully comprehend  the difference between the words SEGREGATION and ASSIMILATION  in Australis, and, as a result, vehimently disagree on everything she says.

     It is not possible, and I do not intend to itemize the entire format of the questions and answers in Quanda.. As I have stated previously, in some of my “articles”, there will be no unnecessary names or pack-drill involved. Generally, I try my best to stick to the main theory of what I write about and “feature” the “Stars” of the show, because, I sincerely feel that I do not wish to waste the time of my readers, or mine, either, for that matter.

Right from it’s  inception, a female audience participant  questioned Pauline about her wishing to stop Muslim/Islamic  people from migrating into Australia in future.  When Pauline tried to explain her reason for this and did so quite clearly and calmly, this woman questioner “lost her cool” & the rhetoric she used was akin to a sharp “barb” or even a “dart” thrown in the direction of the new M.P.The programme had barely started.and one could already feel the tension that enveloped the room, the compere, the audience, the “panel” and everyone else, present.

     The “questioner” was visibly upset and perhaps felt that she was justified in what she had to say . There is no argument whatsoever about that. She was an Australian Muslim woman and, as such, had the right to free speech which probably was not a benefit available to her in her own Motherland. The rest of the panel also had their say in the matter. However, in a show like  this, when two or three people try to talk at the same time, it becomes more & more garbled and  difficult for anyone to get “their point” across with any clarity, and, it was plain to see the discomfort of everyone concerned in this most important debate.

Luckily, everyone in Australia has a right to an opinion. This is mine.

     The “One-Nation” Party Leader is 100% correct in wanting Australia to be for Australians only! .
     It would be extremely silly of her to try to BAN all Muslins & their Islamic religon already in Australia, right now. This is not possible & Pauline knows this.
     This IS a Christian Country & has been for eons, just as other Countries in the World have only embraced it’s Muslims & the Islamic religon. So be it.
     We are now talking “PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE”.
     WE are now also talking “SEGREGATION & ASSIMILATION. If you wish to “migrate”, assimilate, do not segregate. If you do not know the meaning, ask someone and they might be able to explain it in detail.
     WE, Lankans, came to Australia to assimilate and
thereby be known as proud Sri Lankan /Aussies.
Because of the unrest around the World at present, it is a known fact that a minority of Muslims are confirmed terrorists. So what? , there are confirmed terrorists (in minority) of other Races & Religons too.
     Pauline Hanson is not talking about the majority of  Muslims already living here in this Country. They have lived here before she was born and most of them  have been “model citizens” Because of the radical ones causing so much trouble all around the World, and the possible radicalization of young Australians   she does not want any more of them coming here to start unnecessary trouble. I see nothing wrong with that.We have enough problems in Oz. to sort out, without  adding “terrorism” to the list.
     If any Australian migrates or even “visits”  another Country, naturally, they would have to abide by that Country’s laws and it should be exactly the same for anyone who comes here. Their primary ambition should then be to protect this Country from WOULD-BE  terrorists, for a start. No-one wants their heads chopped off. It’s not a nice feeling.!
     Radicalization to terrorism is unfortunately becoming rampant all over this sad World of ours and everyone of us should our very best to stop IT  before it becomes any worse, so, from this particular aspect of it I agree with Pauline Hanson and wish her all the best in her effort.

     It should now START with the Department of Emigration of the new Liberal Government. STOP THE ROT from coming here. If ANYONE already radicalized, wants to leave this Country to FIGHT anywhere else, wish them luck,  pay their one-way fare, CANCEL their Australuan Citizenship and LET THEM GO. G.R.O.B.R.
(stands for ” good riddence of bad rubbish”)

     I rest my case.   

                  Desmond (Kelly from Colombo).

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