“ROAD-SAFETY” by Desmond Kelly ‘The Star of eLanka’


by Desmond Kelly ‘The Star of eLanka’


In comparison to many Countries around this World of ours, Australia has some of the BEST roads, available for drivers of motor vehicles, anywhere.

It is true that “unmade” Country roads may pose the odd question, but most major roads are a pleasure to drive on, maintained “mainly” as they should be, and, provided the nuts in your tyre-assemblies are not the “nuts” behind your steering wheels, we should not be faced with the problems that we do, in this day & age.

Why is the road-toll in Australia SHOCKING! ?.

Why are more people dying as a result of road trauma than even those who go to war?. Why are the hospitals always overcrowded with victims severely injured on our roads? . Why, why, why,?. We ask these questions a million times and still cannot find a satisfactory answer.

I have written two “Road-Safety” songs. They have been “recorded” and are AVAILABLE, FREE OF CHARGE, to any & every Radio Station in Australia to play “on-air” whenever possible. This is my contribution (towards the road-toll), may well not do a thing to help, especially with the “NUTS” on the roads, nowadays), but even if it helps ONE road-trauma victim to be SAFE in future ( if not dead, already ), I feel that it will be worth it. These songs are available to ANY COUNTRY that could use them. Edited Lyrics, below.

“Let’s keep death off our roads”

Two cracked ribs, a broken spine
Abrasions, cuts & gashes
Common words, so often heard
In almost all “car-smashes”
A stretcher here, an ambulance there
And the “sounds” of someone dying
If these words have not affected you
Then, thank God, you’re doing fine

When next you step, into your car
You’ll do well, my friend, to remember
That you’ve got to get thru August first
Before you reach September
There is no need, for that extra speed
Of this, you must beware
It’s better late than never, friend
Take it easy and “get there”

(Above are just two verses. more lyrics available) D.K.

“It’s You”.

It’s you, that’s who we’re talking about, it’s you
Yes, it’s you, and we don’t need to shout, it’s you
Just remember, whenever,you step into your car
And it makes no difference who you are
It’s you, road safety starts my friend, with you

It’s you, that’s who we’re talking about, it’s you
Yes, it’s you, tall or short, lean or stout, its you
And remember that when,you’re behind that wheel
Certainly makes no difference how you feel
It’s you, road safety starts my friend, with you

Cause, dangerous driving, as we have said
Could mean you’re here one moment
Then, the next, you’re DEAD
Just take every precaution, whenever you drive
If you want to stay happy, healthy & alive

It’s you, that’s who we’re talking about, it’s you
Yes, it’s you, who we can’t do without, it’s you
So remember Australia’s road.death-toll
We want you ALIVE with all our heart & soul
It’s you, road safety starts WITH YOU !.

It’s you, road safety starts, my friend, with you.

Desmond Kelly
“Star of eLanka”.

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