SARAMA – Desmond Kelly


Desmond Kelly. 

A “new” song, with an old style of clothing. The “Sarama” (Sarong), sung “Calypso-Style” by Desmond (the “Sinhala legend”, Sunil, Annesley & Rajiv, all legends in their own time), & recorded in fine style, complete with their sarongs tightly on, & beautiful bullock-cart heading for probably the closest toddy or arrack tavern . This song is also featured on eLanka, the premier website in Australia for all Lankans everywhere. eLanka “goes-out” on line to thousands of “regular members” We try to promote “Our Own”.

I have the pleasure of knowing the other Desmond in person. I have always been a bit jealous of him, because, even in his 70s (I think), he looks so bloody good. I knew Sunil, as a boy, because, when I visited Lanka in 1973, his dear dad invited me.over to “audition” the “Gypsies” who were just starting out on their great career. I have also spoken to Annesley a couple of times on the phone & found him to be a well-spoken, nice bloke, who is also a credit to Lanka.

Rajiv is the youngest & I have not had the pleasure of meeting him, but, they sing well, the band sounds good. A little bit of “Calypso rhythms” instead of the usual “bailas”. Makes a bit of a change, no. ?

All of them also wear their sarongs well, which brings me to this wonderful “garment”. Apart from being one of the more “convenient” garments ever invented, they are also the most “comfortable” to wear,  Trousers, slacks, etc., were also quite comfy in the old days, but nowadays, after the Chinese have come into the “clothing-game”, trousers & the like, have become very uncomfortable especially for big, tall Burgher-buggers like myself, so this is why, guys, I too wear the “Sarama”, all, or most of the time, anyway. Why? , you ask. Well don’t get your “Amudey” in a knot, & I will tell you. Trousers & the other “Suddhas” gear is very much like the “Palais” in Melbourne & the “Regal Theatre” in Colombo Fort because either one has NO BALLROOM. “Ithin kaata kiyanda-tha? , oba hathara thennamatta suba dhawasak weva”.

Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka.

Click here to watch the Sarama Video clip on eLanka

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