Sri lanka cricket Captain Dasun Shanaka – By Nivran Weerakoon

Sri lanka cricket Captain Dasun Shanaka – By Nivran Weerakoon

Source : Nivran Weerakoon linkedin

  captured in the image below is one of the most understated persons who played a pivotal role in scripting a triumph that could potentially restore the old glory of Sri Lanka Cricket.

Dasun Shanaka | elanka

Dasun was never earmarked as a future captain. When he became the captain last year, he was not even a permanent fixture of the team. What amazes me is how cool headed Dasun is and how he fearlessly took on the leadership role in the midst of a number of challenges including a number of match losses prior to the Asia Cup, with the exception of the Australian tour of Sri Lanka where Sri Lanka won.

Amazing lessons of key leadership traits for any emerging leader to emulate can be observed from Dasun’s approach on how he gradually built a young team, picking the players he wanted, instilling confidence and leading from the front during his captaincy. Even when some of the senior players were going through a rough patch, he kept faith in them and they eventually blossomed.  When bowlers got hit or the fielders dropped catches, he would wrap an arm around them. When someone made a dazzling save, he would be first to congratulate him. After a long time, the Sri Lankan Cricket Team looked like one united force during the Asia Cup.

“Dasun is special in that he has great belief in himself and empowers the team. He leads by example in his performance, training and practice and has the ability to take people on the journey with him,” these words from former coach Arthur is very much in line with why I believe that Dasun is a great leader.

Dasun Shanaka you are truly the Captain Cool of modern times and I am sure our Captain Cool from the past Arjuna Ranatunga would vouch for the same. I along with my team Media Monkey wish you the very best in taking Sri Lanka Cricket to greater heights and bringing glory to our great nation in the future too. ONE TEAM, ONE NATION, you have truly made this happen for us!

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