VINTAGE VIGNETTES – By Vinodh Wickremeratne


Vinodh Wickremeratne reminisces his childhood/adolescence and anecdotal ‘renderings’ of many ‘elders’

 In the unique pursuit he is involved the ‘young’ are about ages 50-60 middle aged are 70-80 and the elderly are over 90. The challenge being to find people with good memory.

 (This note is disjointed, but it will be restructured in 15 year segmented periods or by subject. Also Indicated will be clear ‘cut-off’ periods of the discussion under review, the ‘hotch-potch’ placings will be ironed out, loosely thought of from 1890 to the end of Ceylon in 1972. Obviously events before the writer’s birth and childhood are from anecdotal sources >grandparents, greatgrandmother and doing the ‘rounds’ in elders’ homes’ and reference to an extensive ‘home archive’ Ferguson’s Directories, Times Books, old  newspapers , there is an almost complete 1898 CEYLON STANDARD with a ‘wealth ‘ of information. The writer is a Consultant to the National Railway Museum and is the  Co – Chair of the Industrial Archaeology Committee  of the NATIONAL TRUST,  the Co Author of CEYLON RAILWAY HERITAGE, Editor of the LANKA RAILWAY DIGEST, Convenor/Chairman of the CEYLON RAILWAY ENTHUSIASTS ‘ CIRCLE.

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