The Saint of the world – AN ANTHONIAN IN PADUA – By Bernard VanCuylenburg

To set the scene for this article I have to  commence with a reference to Hypnos, who in Greek and  Roman mythology is  the God of sleep. His son Morpheus  is the God of dreams, but  Hypnos and I have never been on amicable terms. For years my patterns of sleep have been fragmented,  and many are the nights I have  laid awake when sleep evaded me, waiting for dawn’s golden light. I have often wondered if, as boarders at St. Anthony’s College Kandy, the  infernal tolling of the bell at the ungodly hour of 5.30 am. to wake us boarders, is in some way to blame for this  condition !!  A “Sleep in” beyond the sound of the bell was an impossibility !!

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