Great ways to turn versatile jackfruit into delicious dishes

A stunning Filipino dessert? A vegan no-fish cake? A vibrant no-cook salad? Jackfruit can do it all.


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Jackfruit is like the chameleon of the food world, starring equally well in a sweet dessert as it does in a hearty burger. 

The different uses reflect that fact that the world’s largest fruit can be used at various stages of the ripening process. It’s understandably popular with vegans because its mild flavour and hearty texture partway through ripening means it can form the heart of many savoury dishes. Fully ripe, jackfruit becomes sweet and softer, perfect for indulgent desserts. 

Young jackfruit salad with tofu

This canned jackfruit recipe, from Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, is full of flavour but so easy and fast: chop and slice the ingredients, stir up a sauce and toss it all together, and it’s ready in 15 minutes! 

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